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Women’s World Cup 2019 Tips: June 15th

Graeme Written on Wednesday, June 12th, 2019

It was an excellent betting day on Wednesday in the Women’s World Cup.

We went 2-1, with my big 5u play on Germany to beat Spain.

That was a nerve-wracking one to be fair. I wrote off Germanys defensive issues in the first game as just losing confidence after not taking an expected early lead. However Spain hammered them fast and hard in the first half and I was on the edge of my seat. I’ll be honest I was furious at myself for that 5u play thinking I should have limited myself at 3u.

Luckily Spains finishing was brutal and Germany got the win.

Our other win was a fun one as we had Nigeria or Draw. That was one of my favourite games of the World Cup so far. Just a very intense one due to the bet we had and it was great to see Nigeria win 2-0.

We came close with our speculative 0.5u play on Norway or Draw too. To be honest I was surprised by that but a very bad VAR decision (she won the ball!!!) cost us.

That one player for France – Cascarino – is someone to look out for. Very confident on the ball and I liked the way they brought her on then utilized her.

We have nice weather in Canada for a change so it was nice to sit outside and watch the game while having a beer:

Sadly 5 days of rain are now forecast. Oh well. Let’s get on with the betting tips for Saturday, June 15th 2019:

Netherlands vs Cameroon Tips:

Holland had a thrilling game against New Zealand. Even though it ended 1-0 that first half could have seen the game go to 5-5. It was a very enjoyable game and it was a pity New Zealand came out more defensively in the second half.

Cameroon went out to park the bus against Canada. They will feel a bit upset as even though they probably deserved to lose, it was a lapse of concentration off a corner. They had three centre backs and I wonder if we see the same against Holland.

The strategy for Holland is clear in this one – attack the flanks. That’s where Cameroon looked the most exposed.

The sportsbooks expect this to be a big win for Holland but a lot depends on how the teams line up. If Cameroon set out defensively again it could be a long day for Holland. In saying that the Netherlands looked shaky in defence and Cameroon may look to exploit that.

2u on Under 2.5 goals. 2.15 odds for that one and I am hoping Cameroon set their defense out in the same manner. You can back that at Bovada - get a $250 free welcome bonus

(Odds on this page are correct as of 2019/06/12 6:07:20 PM EST but are subject to change)

Canada vs New Zealand Betting Tips:

It’s funny living in Canada and hearing the Canadian media. Prior to the game they were all talking about how many goals Canada would put past Cameroon. Now they’re all talking about what an incredible defensive performance it was by Cameroon.

IT! WAS! NOT!!!!

Sorry but bloody hell it’s frustrating hearing that. Cameroon set out to park the bus and they did that. Simple as that. THEY were the ones that had a solid defensive performance.

Canada go into this one as fairly decent favourites at 1.44.

I went with BTTS in New Zealand vs Netherlands as I felt Holland had defensive issues. I don’t know if Canada have the same defensive issues. I think they can win this game without conceding.

2u on Canada to win to nil. 2.10 odds, available at Bovada - get a $250 free welcome bonus

(Odds on this page are correct as of 2019/06/12 6:07:20 PM EST but are subject to change)

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