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Welcome to the Daily Soccer Tips

Graeme Written on Friday, May 25th, 2018

Hi all,

This is just a “welcome” post introducing everyone to the site as I prepare to launch the daily soccer betting tips section.

The launch of this site is going to coincide with the 2018 World Cup and I’ll be providing daily soccer betting tips all throughout that. I aim to cover every single game.

Once the World Cup is over with, I’ll still be continuing with the daily soccer betting tips. I’ll just be covering other leagues.

I won’t be covering any specific league – it’s just what I like in that particular day.

I look at practically every soccer league in existence. It shouldn’t surprise you to know that sometimes betting on the likes of the English Premier League isn’t as profitable as betting on something like the Scottish Championship.

The reason for that is the amount of betting action that takes place in a league. The lines are a lot sharper for the most popular leagues and tournaments so that’s why sometimes when there’s a game featuring Arsenal vs Man Utd I’ll instead be tipping Deportivo Riestra vs Flandria from the Primera B Nacional in Argentina. Simply because the sportsbooks haven’t paid that game as much attention, and I might be able to find a soft line.

I’m not 100% sure how I’ll handle the daily tips yet. I’ve got some ideas. Along with focus on 1-3 matches every day (similar to my tips for those who read that), I’d like to offer up some grander bets. Possibly looking at “easy trebles” and “riskier trebles” – accumulators essentially for those who are fans of those.

That’s because I find with football there are two major betting audiences – those who like to bet just straight bets and then people who NEED to bet a treble or similar. It’s not worth it for them to double their money – they want to bet $10 to win $60 or whatever.

It’ll probably take a little bit of time for me to really figure it all out so the format may change as time goes on. Feel free to leave my any feedback in the comments below as I figure it all out or let me know what you’re looking for in terms of tips.

Either way, I’m pretty bloody pumped to wake up every morning and be providing daily soccer tips 365 times per year. Probably going to drive my wife crazy with just one more sport to handicap each day.

Anyway thanks so much to everyone for following and reading and I hope to be providing you with the free soccer betting tips soon.

Like I said I’m aiming to start with the World Cup but it’s possible I’ll start early just depending on how my time goes.


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