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Uruguay vs Saudi Arabia Betting Tips

Graeme Written on Saturday, June 16th, 2018

On Wednesday, June 20th we see both Uruguay and Saudi Arabia face off in their second game of the 2018 World Cup. The other two teams in Group A, Russia and Egypt, face off the day before.

Uruguay will go into this one wanting a win against the weakest team in the group. If Russia wins the previous day it means Uruguay winning would see them qualify and that’d be nice for them – gives them some breathing space in their game against Russia. They’ll want to see a more positive performance than the one against Egypt however as their creative midfield was unable to really break down the Egyptian defense.

Saudi Arabia were awful in their game against Russia. You’d see better football on a school yard. In saying that they did create a couple of really good chances. Their defense was brutal though and I just can’t see it getting better.

To no-ones surprise, Uruguay are quite hefty favourites:

Betting Odds:

Uruguay To Win: 1.14
Saudi Arabia To Win: 23.00
Draw: 9.00

3 units on Uruguay -2 is the bet. Back it at Bovada - get a $250 free welcome bonus or keep reading for my reasoning and analysis.

(Odds on this page are correct as of 2018/06/16 10:56:27 AM EST but are subject to change)

Uruguay Analysis:

I’ve seen a fair bit of criticism of Uruguay but there were some real positives too. You have to remember Egypt were playing with two full backs that were allergic of the halfway line, and two defensive midfielders who were playing incredibly deep. Something like that is very hard to break down no matter how creative you are.

Uruguay to their credit were never flustered. It would have been nice to see a bit more urgency from them but they were patient and took their time. I also felt despite the Egyptians tight defense that Uruguay have the ability to unlock them.

I wonder if that was a frustrating game for Uruguay and if so, if they’ll take it out on Saudi Arabia. I’m sure Suarez is making his feelings known – he was not impressed at how deep the Uruguay team were sitting either and he had no major help up front.

I’d like to think we see a more attacking team from Uruguay and I can’t see the Saudis holding them off.

Saudi Arabia Analysis:

I mean it was baffling just how bad they were. Their defense in particular was shocking and there was no positionional awareness or anything.

They just looked completely out of their depth here and I think Pizzi in particular doesn’t know what he’s doing. He just doesn’t know how to get the best out of these players. He has them playing the possession game and I thought that might work out for them but clearly it didn’t.

I can’t see them getting much out of this game unless they adapt to pre-Pizzi tactics.

Uruguay vs Saudi Arabia Betting Tips:

Obviously Uruguay are expected to thump them and it makes it tricky to place a bet with the odds. However I can’t see the Saudis defending as well as Morocco did and I like Uruguay to take out frustrations on them. Remember too that goal difference is a factor so Uruguay would love to pip Russia there. I’m going to back Uruguay -2 for 3 units.

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Eduardo Caldeira

Completely agree, I also believe strongly Uruguay can hit that -2.5 on the handicap ! But sure that -2 is much more safe and offers a decent value