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Uruguay vs Russia Betting Tips

Graeme Written on Friday, June 22nd, 2018

The final matches of Group A in the 2018 World Cup take place on Monday, June 25th 2018. Russia and Uruguay face off at the same time as Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

Both Russia and Uruguay have already qualified for the knockout rounds, and it’s now a battle to top Group A just for pride with their actual opponents unknown until later in the day.

Russia have been one of the standout teams of the World Cup so far. They thrashed Saudi Arabia 5-0 to open the World Cup. Many thought that was simply due to how bad the Saudis were but they proved everyone wrong with an excellent 3-1 victory over Egypt and yet another incredible performance.

And then there is Uruguay. To say their performances have been nothing to write home about would be an understatement. An 89th minute goal against Egypt to give them the win followed by the lone goal against Saudi Arabia in a game where the Saudis actually matched up well with them performance and possession wise. Not exactly the performances you’d hope for on the big stage but here we are.

Russia vs Uruguay Betting Odds:

Uruguay To Win: 2.70
Russia To Win: 3.00
Draw: 3.10

I’m doing an extremely rare 10 unit bet on Russia to win. Please don’t blindly bet this. Read my analysis below to see why I am going with this then if you agree, go ahead and place a betting amount you’re comfortable with at Bovada - get a $250 free welcome bonus

(Odds on this page are correct as of 2018/06/22 11:05:35 AM EST but are subject to change)

Russia Analysis:

Many pundits wrote the chances of Russia off in this World Cup, myself included. Friendly form going into it was brutal and they just looked like they had no chemistry at all.

Boy have they proven that wrong with 2 excellent performances. What I like most is how much they want it and that’s a big thing for me – they want it more.

In terms of who they face and in what position they end up in it doesn’t really matter – they have no idea. However Russia are a team who I think will take full pride in winning this one and topping the group.

In both games they’ve just looked so hungry and are always fighting for the ball. In the final third they string the passes together so well. They have a very underrated attack and their chemistry and the way they work the ball is excellent.

Saudi Arabia played a similar style against both Russia and Uruguay and we saw the difference. It’s a huge compliment to the Russians how that game ended up. It shows how meaningful their pressure is and how they handle everything.

I’m loving Russia at the moment.

Uruguay Analysis:

And I am not loving Uruguay.

We’ve seen both forms of Uruguay so far. We saw them against Egypt where they were the team in possession. Egypt played a very defensive game and Uruguay could not break through. They were very patient and had a good few chances but until that last minute goal they really looked like they could not figure out a way past the defensive setup. Worse – to me it didn’t seem like they were trying.

Against Saudi Arabia, they had multiple chances to counter attack yet it just did not happen. Their counter attack was nonexistent. They struggled yet again to unlock the defense and just did not look good at all.

They’re not performing as a team and their individuals aren’t performing either. They weren’t pressing the Saudis at all. Maybe it’s just some master plan – squeak through and only step it up against the big teams when needed? If so they’re doing an excellent job of pretending they’re lame.

Uruguay vs Russia Betting Tips:

I’m doing an extremely rare 10 units on Russia to win. You’ll rarely see this bet from me and so I want to issue a disclaimer.

  • This is an amount I am comfortable with losing.
  • A draw would suit these two teams fine.
  • A loss doesn’t affect either team so if Uruguay go up 1-0, Russia may not fight that hard to get back in it.
  • With the knockout stages upcoming, players may be rested or may not put their 100% in.
  • Despite their performances so far, they have been underdoing tactical transition throughout the qualifiers and the World Cup itself, and it could be a case of it eventually just “clicking”.
  • I’m basing this on just two games, both against weaker, defensive opposition

I have friends who are serious bettors such as myself and none of them agree with this tip. They all think a draw is the expected result.

However I absolutely love the passion I’m seeing from Russia. I feel they’re a team playing with pride and this game is important to them. They’re also a very pressing team yet Uruguay don’t seem to have any ability to counter at all. From everything I’ve seen so far, I’m betting on Russia to win. You can back that at Bovada - get a $250 free welcome bonus.

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Ooooof. Well that was a result I really wasn’t expecting. I could have seen the draw for sure. Very disappointing to see how Russia fell apart after the performance of their last two games. As soon as that own goal occurred they just lost the plot and Uruguay dominated. Gutting but that’s football.


Ouch dude. I was surprised to see you put such a large amount on game that a team doesn’t need to get a result. I’m staying away from such games in general. I will put money on over 2.5 in Eng/Bel but nothing else. This doesn’t bode well for Russia going forward, I think it ends in tears next round for Mother Russia

Eduardo Caldeira

Careful with this game and no buddy the Draw could suit much more Russia as its much more likely and better to catch Portugal then Spain… so there is really something still to play for. Of course group B is not decided too but we all think Spain should score more goals then Portugal and advance with the goal difference stat. Not to mention the teams that you can catch in the knockout stage if you start puzzling/predicting that too. Anyways I feel Russia is favorite so yes this bet can hit as I do not see them just waiting for the draw happening so early


Oh I know – I hesitated even actually posting 10u and possibly sticking with 5u or even 3u but at the end of the day just my personal opinion and wanted to let people know how strongly I felt.

Could easily be a draw but watching the Russians play I just have a strong gut feeling I gotta go with. As it is I think they’d be better suited for Spain – they could cause an upset with the way they’re able to hassle possession based teams.