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Switzerland vs Serbia Betting Tips

Graeme Written on Monday, June 18th, 2018

The second round of Group E games in the World Cup takes place on Friday, June 22nd. Brazil vs Costa Rica is earlier in the day and the day closes out with Switzerland and Serbia.

Switzerland are sitting on one point after a draw against the Brazilians. It was a solid performance from the Swiss although a lot of it was due to Brazil taking their foot off the gas after the goal. However we saw what happens from Switzerland when they play attacking football and we should see more of that in this game.

Serbia got a tight 1-0 victory over Costa Rica. The Costa Ricans counter attacks were ineffective. Serbia didn’t start well in the game however and found it hard to break down the Costa Rica team who played deep. I did like what I saw from Motrovic and Milinkovic-Savic though and they could bring out something special here.

Switzerland vs Serbia Betting Odds:

Switzerland To Win: 2.62
Serbia To Win: 3.10
Draw: 3.10

Just a small bet of 1u on Switzerland to win. You can bet that at Bovada - get a $250 free welcome bonus or read my analysis below.

(Odds on this page are correct as of 2018/06/18 12:24:43 PM EST but are subject to change)

Switzerland Analysis:

Switzerland are a quality team and I felt they did a solid enough job against Brazil. However those early minutes in the game were scary as up until the Coutinho goal, Brazil looked like they were ready to put up a lot of goals.

They took their foot off the pedal after that goal though and then the Swiss came out positive and confident in getting the goal.

Tactically it was solid from the Swiss and they looked confident in regard to weathering the storm – the way they came out in the second half showed they had it all planned out and they deserved the draw.

The question is how they approach this game. I’d think we’d see a positive enough performance from them as a win here would be big and would practically almost lock in qualificiation.

Serbia Analysis:

Serbia beat Costa Rica 1-0 with a stunning goal from Kolarov. It was a very 50-50 game with that strikg being the difference. It was a very tight game and could have been different if Costa Rica took their chances in the first half.

Serbia threw in a good team performance. It’s not the type of performance where you can see them winning the World Cup but they did look solid and strategic and have some good creativity among them.

When you look at the positioning and movement of Mitrovic and Milinkovic-Savic you have to think they’re going to be good for getting goals if they continue to play that way.

Going to be interesting seeing how they play going forward especially against a team that won’t sit back as deep like Costa Rica did.

Switzerland vs Serbia Betting Tips:

This is a tough one because I see a lot of positives in the Serbian team and I can also see these two canceling each other out.

However I really liked Switzerland before the tournament began and I think they’re the better team. I am wary of Serbia and concerned the Swiss may underrate them though – just happy they survived Brazil. I’m going with a small bet of 1u on Switzerland to win. You can bet that at Bovada - get a $250 free welcome bonus.

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The Swiss caught Brazil out with the equaliser, and Brazil played in desperation mode (Neymar had is own particular brand of this) He got fouled a lot but still, he’s pathetic sometimes and let his team down (must have picked that up from Messi). The Swiss played well but benefited big time from Brazil trying to close down the game way too early. When you do that (like Denmark) you will let a goal in!

Serbia on the other hand got the job done, they are not always that clinical but have at least a goal scoring mechanism, I don’t think the Swiss have that, they look disjointed and will rely on set-pieces.

Serbia @ 2.85 1u