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September 20th, 2018 UEFA Europa League Betting Tips

Graeme Written on Wednesday, September 19th, 2018

We couldn’t win both nights in the Champions League unfortunately with a 1-2 night last night after our 3-1 win the night prior.

Went with Aek Athens or Draw against Ajax and I’ll state right up that that was a bad tip. Ajax looked a level above them and AEK just looked completely out of ideas. Their hope was to cling to a 0-0 draw and that’s fine but when you go 1-0 down you need to change things. They never did and deservedly lost.

We won with Juventus over Valencia. Despite Ronaldo getting sent off it was penalty city and Juventus for the win which was nice. We lost with Shakhtar beating Hoffenheim. I was impressed with Hoffenheim who despite only 39% possession, outshot their opponents. They will be a fun team to watch going forward.

I made a nice win during live play. Half time of Man City 0-2 Lyon, I went on to bet Man City thinking they’d have a really nice price. Instead they were only 3.00 while Lyon, despite being 2-0 up, were 1.85. That seemed like a freaking steal considering Citys performances overall in Europe plus Arteta in charge. The odds swayed me and I went with Lyon and they managed to hold on to win in a fun game.

That won’t be included in my stats of course – none of my live bets are – it was just a nice one to win after being swayed by the odds. Would have been sick if City came back ha.

Reminds me I need to set up a Twitter at some point – probably tomorrow I’ll get that so I can do the occasional live play.

Thursday, September 20th and lots of Europa League action going on so let’s get to that.

I’ve had a very busy week and I don’t feel like diving into much so for these I’m going to do just quick write-ups and all bets will be just 0.25u. Basically extremely casual betting for the sake of betting.

Sevilla/Standard Liege Under 2.5 Goals: 2.40 odds. Sevilla haven’t been too impressive to start the season and offensively struggle. Being at home I think they’ll be happy with a tight defensive game. Standard struggling to score too just seems like a low scoring game is on teh cards.

Krasnodar to win: Akhisarspor are a team in disaray and Krasnodar are a decent price at 2.20 odds. Akhisarspor sacked their manager and have been on a brutal run. Defensively they look a mess and I think they are going into this one mentally unprepared.

Marseille to win: Entraicht are struggling a big domestically while Marseille lead the chase behind PSG. I like Marseille to keep it going and I got on this one at 1.70 earlier. It’s 1.65 now but still worth a play. Eintracht look bad defensively.

Honestly those are the only 3 I’m going to go with. I looked through most of the games and all 3 jumped out at me. Feeling pretty tired here so don’t want to bet too much in case my radar is off.

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