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June 29th, 2020: Crystal Palace vs Burnley

Graeme Written on Sunday, June 28th, 2020

First of all some good news – I’m up at a rented cottage this week and I was worried that would be a hassle for tips.

The last couple years when I have came up here there is no wifi at the cottage and I have to go to the main area to get it. It made things quite a hassle. Normally what I’d do is walk up to that area with my laptop, open up a bunch of tabs/bookmarks, walk back to the cottage and do all my work there while offline. Write up tips etc then go back to the main area to do my bets and post the tips.

Was always quite a hassle however since I was last here they have upgraded things. Wifi is everywhere now and on top of that, they’ve put satellite TV in the cottage which is fantastic news.

While sitting here writing the tips I was able to do it while watching Leicester vs Chelsea in the FA Cup. Was freaking awesome to be honest ha. As previously I’d basically have to turn off sports for the week.

I’m now sitting here watching the PGA and am about to switch over and watch Newcastle vs Man City.

Amazing how something small like this is so nice. On top of that I canceled satellite TV in my own house over 10 years ago and just rely on online services to watch stuff. Just having satellite TV feels like such a treat.

There’s not too much football tomorrow but I thought I would give a thorough look into the Crystal Palace vs Burnley game that’s taking place.

Always fun sitting down and analyzing just one game in particular.

Let’s get to it:

Crystal Palace vs Burnley Betting Tips:

Crystal Palace returned from the break with a solid 2-0 victory over Bournemouth. However they were then thrashed 4-0 by Liverpool.

It was a mirror image for Burnley who returned with a 5-0 thrashing from Man City, prior to a nice 1-0 victory over Watford.

Both teams have been performing well and with the season coming to a close will be dreaming of a potential European spot. They’re actually both tied on 42 points after 31 games.

They played earlier in the season and Palace went to Burnley and ran out 2-0 winners.

Palace losing Zaha in the game against Liverpool hurt them and both him and Benteke are doubtful. I haven’t been able to confirm if they will play or not and it may be a game time decision. I have a feeling if they can even remotely play they will as this is a key game for sure.

Burnley meanwhile have their own drama with stories that Dyche is leaving and issues with the board.

Even if Zaha and Benteke are out, Palace do have Ayew who has been solid this season for goals. The under for this one is really low and not worth betting.

This is one where there are no easy bets. I’m going to go with a small bet of 0.5u on the 2nd half to have most goals. 2.20 odds for that. Unfortunately the Zaha/Benteke situation makes it difficult to judge. I’m not too concerned about Benteke but if Zaha is playing I may have a small bet on Palace.

Anyone find anything good bet in this game? Seems dull on paper hope we get a surprise.

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