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June 18th, 2021 Euro 2020 Tips

Graeme Written on Friday, June 18th, 2021

Sorry for no big tips post for the games taking place today – the 18th of June.

Just been running on fumes this past week. I was out yesterday watching the game and came home just beyond shattered. Ended up going to bed super early and sleeping for like 11 hours ha.

Felt good and hopefully back on track now.

Was a good betting day yesterday with both 3u plays coming in. Still can’t believe those Belgium odds.

So anyway just a quickie post today – here’s what I am on:

1u on Sweden to win – 1.88 odds
2u on Croatia to win – 2.35 odds
8billionu on Scotland -5.

Actually I honestly don’t know about the Scotland game. There has been too much hype in the Scottish media over this sub-par team (to be polite) so part of me thinks we can at least get a goal. Other parts of me think we get battered. I’ve honestly zero idea for that one.

An HT/FT bet of England-England at 1.90 odds doesn’t seem bad. No official tips there though.

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Tom Dvorak

No bets from me today, expecting some upset.