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June 14th, 2021 Euro 2020 Betting Tips

Graeme Written on Sunday, June 13th, 2021

Betting tips wise it was a minor loss yesterday with our 2u play of Austria winning come through and counteracting the two losses.

I had Austria to win and that was a great price. Mad I didn’t bet more honestly. They showed their ability and skill level in a nice victory. I think unit wise I was just gun shy after that Switzerland game.

Lost with Depay to score anytime in the Holland game. I’m mad at myself on that one as I said it would be a fun game and I expected goals – yet I didn’t bet along those lines. Frustrating.

Thought the England game would be better than it was. After 10 minutes of looking good England just were blah for the rest of the game really.

Let’s look at the games on the 14th:

Scotland vs Czech Republic Betting Tips:

I mean being Scottish – Just can’t bet against us can I? Yet holy crap we are the favourites and I don’t feel that’s fair.

To say I’m biased would be an understatement. I’m not even going to comment. My heart is beating a million times per minute just thinking of this game.

I’m just going to go with the mathematical 2nd Half with Most Goals which I probably should be betting more anyway.

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(Odds on this page are correct as of 2021/06/13 7:59:28 PM EST but are subject to change)

Slovakia vs Poland Betting Tips:

I mean this one is much like Austria vs North Macedonia – I’m looking at it and wondering why the sportsbooks are giving us decent value on Poland.

Poland are 2nd favourites to win the group. They play a fairly conservative game and are well structured. They also have this fella Lewandowski who isn’t half bad.

Now in saying that, Poland are certainly coming in on some bad form. 3 games without a win. They played some tricky opposition in friendlies.

Slovakia are not as bad as North Macedonia that’s for sure.

I’m happy to go with the same bet as the prior day – 2u on Poland to Win. Just feels like solid value.

(Odds on this page are correct as of 2021/06/13 7:59:28 PM EST but are subject to change)

Spain vs Sweden Betting Tips:

Boy I am curious about this one.

COVID threatened to wreak havoc on Spain but it all looks good. However all the players now received vaccines just a few days before the game against Sweden.

We saw in baseball where vaccine day seemed to cause issue with the players. There’s a few days between the vaccines and the games so probably not an issue.

But either way with Spain being a bit of a mess and Sweden coming in on a roll, I’m happy to roll the dice on Sweden or Draw..

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(Odds on this page are correct as of 2021/06/13 7:59:28 PM EST but are subject to change)

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Tom Dvorak

Yes, finally, my Czechs in action against your Scots, it’s going to be a hell of a match. I’m looking forward to it, and hope the political stuff about Kรบdela stays off the field. A lot of people in my country are guessing a draw, well, that’s the worst-case scenario for both teams to qualify. I think both teams want to win, so I agree with your bet. Personally, I don’t bet anything on this match, maybe a small bet on the Czech Republic, because I’m a fuckin Czech haha.
My bets today:
Poland vs. Slovakia BTTS
Sweden +1.75


How many Units for the two games where it’s not mentioned? Thanks ๐Ÿ˜ƒ


Oops sorry. Both are 1u ๐Ÿ™‚