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July 31st, 2018 Soccer Betting Tips

Graeme Written on Monday, July 30th, 2018

Another great betting day yesterday, with the Brazilian Serie A and our treble of the day coming in too.

I went 2-1 with my Brazilian Serie A Betting Tips. The loss was a speculative 0.5u bet on Vaso Da Gama. They actually took the lead at the end of the first half. Unfortunately sometimes that’s the worst time to score and that proved true as Corinthians came out fast and furious and turned the game around.

We won with Palmeiras -1. That was a nice easy one as they defeated Parana 3-0.

Finally we won with Internacional who beat Botafogo 3-0. I wish I had went with the clean sheet bet but felt that was risky. Hellman continued to keep a strong defensive structure at home.

Finally we won our treble at 2.50 odds. Palmeiras won their game, Sydney Olympics won 3-1 and the Melbourne Knights game went over 2.5.

Great betting day. Doing some more purely stat based tips today:

Finnish Kakkoen Group C Betting Tips OLS vs JS Hercules:

JS Hercules are currently 2nd in the league after 13 games played. What’s notable is their excellent away form with 15 points from 7 games. They’ve also got the best goalscoring record in the league with 31 goals in 13 games.

JS Hercules also offer up a tight defense away and this is a big game for them as they’re looking to take the top spot in the league.

OLS are a fairly average team. They’re not a walkover by any means and they’ve been fairly impressive at home.

However I think OLS have a lot of weaknesses that JS Hercules can exploit.

This is one of those games where when I looked at it initially I liked JS Hercules a lot more. As I re-look at it after deciding on the bet, I do have concerns so we’ll just go with a small bet.

0.5u on JS Hercules to win at 2.10 odds. You could also bet “Draw No Bet” at 1.66 but I think the JS Hercules offense will cause them some trouble. Either way you can bet it at Bovada - get a $250 free welcome bonus

(Odds on this page are correct as of 2018/07/30 8:44:56 AM EST but are subject to change)

And unfortunately I’m really not seeing anything else for July 31st. I mean there’s some European Football going on too obviously but I prefer to really know the teams before I tip any of those.

Most games I am seeing looking at the various leagues are just a bit too competitive or they’re featuring teams at the bottom of the league.

No point forcing picks – hell to be honest part of me feels like I forced that JS Hercules pick. As when I looked at it after my initial thoughts I got hesitant – but we’ll see how it goes.

I’m also working on a Google Drive spreadsheet I’ll share soon where I give a complete break down of all of my tips. It’s good to break it down as I do a lot of stats based tips but sometimes the stats work better in one league over the other if that makes sense – it’s something I have learned over the years. The bigger leagues the stats don’t correspond with the results as much as you’d think.

Anyway that’s it for me – back with tips for Wednesdays football tomorrow. Hope you’ve enjoyed the wins so far!

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Rasmus Harvinder

Really WP last couple of days G! Hercules had dropped a whopping thirty points at the time you posted, so it got to be a no bet day today right;)? Grr, annoying when in the swing 🙂