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Germany vs Sweden Betting Tips

Graeme Written on Tuesday, June 19th, 2018

The second round of games in Group F in the 2018 World Cup take place on Saturday, June 23rd. Mexico vs South Korea open the day and it’s followed immediately by Germany vs Sweden.

Germany go into this one reeling after a 1-0 loss to Mexico. They were cut apart time and time again against the Mexicans and just looked flat. They still had their chances of course but it was bad just how devastating the Mexican counter attack was against them.

Sweden won 1-0 over a defensive South Korea team. It was a great result for them however they must fear Mexico and will be hoping to grab something out of this game.

Germany vs Sweden Betting Odds:

Germany To Win: 1.40
Sweden To Win: 5.00
Draw: 9.00

I’m going with a wary 1u on Germany to win to nil. Read more about it below or bet it today at Bovada - get a $250 free welcome bonus

(Odds on this page are correct as of 2018/06/19 9:56:48 AM EST but are subject to change)

Germany Analysis:

Germany played right into Mexicos hands. Both of their full backs played up very high and while that sort of pressure works against some teams it didn’t against Mexico.

However I’d expect a similar style from them against Sweden as I don’t think Sweden really have that sort of electric countering ability. I don’t expect them to play so deep though as I think they’ll be very wary of that.

Guys like Kroos and Ozil had solid creative games and I think Germany shouldn’t be too hard done by – it was a battle of game plans and Mexicos just worked out that much better.

Mexico exposed the holes in the German team but I like them to plug that hole or at least be more wary of it.

Sweden Analysis:

A lot of people weren’t impressed by Sweden but I liked their performance. I had tipped them to win and didn’t once feel worried about that.

I felt they kept getting the chances and they played a nice controlling game, without getting too desperate.

I see Forsberg moving up more on the left in this game and hoping to expose the German right flank. However the Germans have to be aware of this and will drop further back there. I can’t see Kimmich being pushed that far up again.

Kroos being marked out of the game was a big one too and Germany surprisingly never really adapted to that.

It’s going to be the battle of the flanks in this one I think and it’s going to be interesting.

Germany vs Sweden Betting Tips:

While Sweden won’t be as good on the counter as Mexico, Forsberg and Claesson could cost Germany problems. After the way Mexico continued to slice them open though I think the Germans can plug that hole.

However a large part of my bet is based on Low doing that. I’m a bit concerned about Ozil getting crapped on so much by the German media too – I’m not the biggest fan of Ozil but I think that’s a bit too reactionary.

Anyway I do think the Germans will handle Sweden better but I am wary – so just 1 unit bet on Germany to win to Nil. This is 2.10 odds and means Germany win without conceding. You can also bet “Result/Both Teams To Score” on that one depending on the sportsbook. Bet this at Bovada - get a $250 free welcome bonus.

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I don’t think they fully plug that gap, i feel it will be more open game. Pretty sure germany can score first here and expose Sweden, who can play when they need to but will lock down as first instinct. Germany can deal with that and I think they get a few

Over 3 @ 2.58 1u
Germany -1 @ 1.961 1u
Timo Werner ATG @ 2.42 1u