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February 6, 2021 EPL Betting Tips

Graeme Written on Friday, February 5th, 2021

Welcome to the Bet EPL and not much else blog for this weekend ha. At least Champions League is back soon.

How about that Man Utd vs Southampton game? My gosh that was something else. I actually tipped under 2.5 goals in that one. Yeah that didn’t go well. That red card early on ended up being a massive game changer.

Speaking of red cards I backed Arsenal and hey it was looking good. Then Luiz got sent off and Wolves scored a penalty and that was what it took. I’ve said how Arsenal often let us down in spots like that but I caan’t blame “classic Gunners” for that one. Just a red card that changed the game.

Let’s look at the Saturday EPL action:

EPL Bets: February 6, 2021

Aston Villa vs Arsenal:

I mean that sucked what happened with Arsenal of course. But they have been solid lately and I think they can bounce back. Villa are hit and miss right now even at home.

Villa deserved to lose against the Hammers even if it was mostly Martinez to blame. Poor lad. Arsenal looked good against Wolves before the red card and I am good with them responding here and ideally getting us our money back and then some. 2u on Arsenal 2.62 odds to win.

Burnley vs Brighton:

Considering their recent form Brighton are a pretty decent price. Burnley might be a bit worn out having faced Man City and Chelsea. Barnes and Wood may not be fit either.

I’m fine with backing Brighton here. They’ve impressed me a lot this season to be honest and I’m happy backing them here to get the job done. 1u at 2.25 odds on Brighton to win. Could be a tight one that ends up in a draw but I feel better backing Brighton.

Newcastle vs Southampton:

No. Just no. I mean pretty sure Soton bounce back but not enough to back them here at the price.

Fulham vs West Ham:

West Ham come into this one on fire. Fulham have been draw specialists lately. However West Ham seem to be winning lately on the basic principle of scoring more than their opponents and that is nice to see. Fulham surely going down. Lingard looked good against Villa. I’m good with 1u on West Ham at 2.12 odds.

Man Utd vs Everton:

Nothing for this one. It’d be just like Utd to draw this one but I am not going to risk it.

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