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Euro 2020 / 2021 Group F Betting Tips & Predictions

Graeme Written on Saturday, June 5th, 2021

Group F in Euro 2020 / 2021 is certainly a tough one.

It’s an absolutely thrilling group with three of the top teams in Europe in it.

We’ve got the slight favourites Germany, with France right behind them in the odds. Then we’ve got Portugal.

Oh. Plus Hungary. Poor poor Hungawry. Going to be a fun tournament for them.

As per usual let’s get into the odds. This will be the last Group predictions post then we will cover Top Team Goalscorers.

Germany: 2.25
France: 2.37
Portugal: 4.50
Hungary: 41.00

Euro 2020 / 2021 Group F Betting Tips / Predictions:

Germany have had some recent struggles and I think a week ago weren’t even favourites at quite a few sportsbooks. Everyone just keeps looking back to that North Macedonia loss. We can’t completely write off Germany but it’s hard to really back them too much.

France have to be one of the favourites to take down the entire tournament. Just an incredibly strong team and Benzema coming back is huge.

Portugal are very solid contenders too.

It’s a weird one with Germany and how so many people are writing them off. Makes me want to back them honestly. I read some analysis where people were even thinking they’d lose to Hungary.

When I think of who the potential winners of the tournament will be, France are in that discussion. Based on that, I’ve got to back them to win their group. They’re so strong everywhere and just not past their peak yet.

If you want a risky bet, Portugal NOT to qualify at 3.50 might be a possible one. I’m going to do a small bet on that.

3u on France to Win the Group.
Canada: Best Odds: 2.50 at 888.
USA: Best Odds: +140 at Bovada.
Everyone Else: Best Odds: 2.50 at 888.

1u on Portugal not to qualify.

Canada: Best Odds: 3.50 at Bet365.
USA: Best Odds: +225 at Bovada.
Everyone Else: Best Odds: 3.50 at Bet365.
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