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EPL Betting Tips: Oct 17, 2020

Graeme Written on Friday, October 16th, 2020

Hi guys,

Today we will cover the EPL games that are taking place on Saturday, October 17th 2020.

We went 2-1 with both our 1u plays winning on the UEFA Nations League betting tips. Our 1u plays were Finland and France to win and both came in. I loved that Finland pick and glad it came in.

The loss was Wales/Bulgaria to be a draw. Wales won a tight one 1-0 thanks to an 85th minute goal. So we were close there and alas just got unlucky.

Let’s look at the EPL action now:

EPL Betting Tips: October 17th, 2020

Everton vs Liverpool: Everton are on an incredible 4 game winning streak. Liverpool….I can’t believe I am typing this…Liverpool had their winning streak grind to a halt when Aston Villa beat them 7-2.


What’s interesting about this one is if you look at the xG etc Everton totally deserve to be where they’re at. It’s a big game for Liverpool with Klopp celebrating 5 years there and it iwll be 5 years to the day since his first match as manager.

This is a “head vs heart” one. My heart says with the Klopp anniversary plus just wanting to bounce back – Liverpool take this one and stamp their authority on the game. However my head says look at the numbers and the metrics and the value on Everton here.

1u on Everton or Draw at 1.90.

Chelsea vs Southampton: Chelsea have had a mixed start to the season. Southampton seem to have sorted out early issues and picked up two solid results. Chelsea have a couple of potential injury issues. I could see these two cancel each other out. 0.5u on the draw at 4.50. If Chelsea do have the firepower so be it.

Man City vs Arsenal: No bet here. Man City are struggling to the point I almost fancy Arsenal. Yet I just can’t bring myself to bet Arsenal here. I’ll probably do a casual bet on the draw at 4.50 odds but I can’t even bring myself to advise that one here.

Newcastle vs Man Utd: Surely Man Utd bounce back after that Spurs loss but they are another hard team to back. Newcastle looking decent but a bit Jekkyl & Hyde. Man Utd seem to be in a bit of disarray. I think there is slight value on a small play of Newcastle or Draw at 2.10 odds. 0.5u on that. Man Utd are that team we gotta bet against based on their name value mixing up the odds until they prove themselves.

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