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EPL Betting Tips: February 2nd, 2021

Graeme Written on Monday, February 1st, 2021

Bloody hell it feels like all I cover here these days is the EPL.

Not by intent. Just with all the COVID stuff all over the world etc and some without crowds, some with etc – random players getting pulled out. It’s a lot to keep up with.

When it comes to the EPL I just have a general comfort level. I’d say of all the leagues I watch it the most (although Serie A is quite close) so generally know the teams better than the other leagues etc. I don’t even feel comfortable doing picks purely based on data or metrics on those random leagues like in the past. I’m sure that will pass eventually.

Speaking of it was a losing day on Saturday due pretty much to Everton. Seriously what the heck were they doing? I’ve always struggled to back them due to inconsistencies but it really looked like they had it going. Disappointing one that.

Let’s get onto the EPL with a few games on Tuesday:

EPL Bets: February 1, 2021

Sheff Utd vs West Brom:

Oof. Bottom and 2nd bottom and deservedly so face off. Bookies have Sheff Utd as fairly strong favourites regardless at about 1.90. West Brom however have had some decent results away with draws against Pool and City and a win over Wolves.

West Brom also beat them earlier this season. I mean honestly both teams are crap and all three outcomes are possible. Based on that, I’m quite happy to bet on two of them. If Sheff Utd get their shit together then so be it. 1u on Draw or West Brom at 1.83 odds.

Wolves vs Arsenal:

All things considered, Arsenal are a great price here. Wolves are just a dumpster fire at the moment even if they do have not too bad home form. But you’re going up against one of the most in-form teams in the league against the team with the worst form and you’re giving me better than coinflip odds?

Look – I hate backing Arsenal. They are one of those teams that in spots like this should be an easy bet yet always bloody blow it. Always. And they’ll do it again here for no rhyme or reason. Granted they have quite a few players missing etc – such is the way of life.

But considering the form and quality level of both teams I have to bet this one at this price regardless. 2u on Arsenal 2.25.

Man Utd vs Southampton:

Man Utd were unable to bounce back against Sheff Utd. Now they will look to do so against Southampton as they look to get the title race back on track.

They’ll probably do so. Odds wise this one isn’t really worth betting. I do see small value in 0.5u on Under 2.5 goals at 2.20 odds.. Granted last game was a 5 goal thriller between the two. Could happen again but based on overall metrics I don’t mind that play.

Newcastle vs Crystal Palace:

No bet on this one. Still scratching my head at that Everton win.

(Odds on this page are correct as of 2021/02/01 9:01:07 AM EST but are subject to change)

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Tom Dvorak

Hi Graeme,
I’m not betting at all right now, but I’m always happy to read your notes on football and hockey, so thank you so much for that. I moved into the stock market and holy fucking shit, what’s going on now? I’m on the hype with GME and AMC. Right now, I enjoy watching it a lot more than betting.
But back to that, I think Arsenal will do the classic Gunners thing and screw it up. But I’m definitely going to watch and wish you a winning day.


Oh yeah the GME stuff etc is mental eh. Then Silver was part of it yesterday. Just nuts. I don’t do stocks myself on a personal level – tried it years ago and I just felt it was the type of thing I needed to dedicate tons of time that I didn’t have to. I use an investment group instead so always watching the markets.

And yep if Arsenal go classic Gunners I won’t even be mad. Well I will a little. But those spots always amuse me.


I decided to go with cup games tonight …
Essen vs Leverkusen: Leverkusen -2 AH @2.05
Almeria vs Sevilla: Sevilla -1 AH @1.88

Thought about picking Juve in their awaygame vs Inter aswell but decided to NOT do it after realized it is just the first leg lol …