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EPL Bets: November 8, 2020

Graeme Written on Saturday, November 7th, 2020

we won yesterday with Man Utd getting the win. That was a nice 3-1 thumping by Man Utd with Everton. We had losing bets on Palace/Leeds draw as Palace surprised me with a massive offensive performance, and I hoped for a low scoring game in Chelsea vs Sheff Utd but didn’t get it.

For Sunday, November 8th we’ve got four games taking place in the EPL.

The big one of course is Man City vs Liverpool. It should be a good day of football and I love that they spread it out.

From 7am EST all the way through to 4pm. Granted I’ll be watching NFL at that time but can chuck on the Arsenal/Villa too.

Oh and I am typing this during the West Ham game and they just scored to win the match!!!! Yes!!!! A profitable Saturday.

Let’s look at the games:

EPL Betting Tips: Nov 8, 2020

West Brom vs Tottenham Betting Tips:

Spurs are that weird team where even though they are killing it at the moment it feels like they can slip up any time. It honestly wouldn’t shock me if WBA pull off a draw here.

However WBA really haven’t shown they can do anything have they? This is one of those ah I might bet something on it for fun but I can’t advise it type of games.

Leicester vs Wolves Betting Tips:

Both sides performing quite well this season going into it. Both have just two losses to their names. Very impressive stuff.

Leicester are prepared for this one and it will come down to if their attack will be able to break down the Wolves defense.

Wolves actually have a middling xGA which means they can be broken down and it’s j ust a case of finishing against them. Leicester have one of the better xGs so it will be close but 2u on Leicester at 2.30 odds.

Man City vs Liverpool Betting Tips:

Man City have been struggling and now take on Liverpool. Despite that City are favourites even though their goalscoring is woeful.

City do have Jesus back which is huge. Anyway I see zero reason not to bet against City here. If they do the business then so be it they had a good record against them last season. They just haven’t proven enough for me and home vs away isn’t as big a deal right now. Just a pure value bet in my opinion – 3u on Draw or Liverpool at 1.80 odds.

Arsenal vs Aston Villa Betting Tips:

No bet on this one. To be honest in a bit of a rush to get over to my mates to watch AEW Full Gear. Enjoy your nights.

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