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EPL Bets: March 14, 2021

Graeme Written on Saturday, March 13th, 2021

4 games in the EPL on Sunday and I figure I might as well look through those.

I do miss tipping the likes of Serie A etc but I’ve been covering EPL a fair bit this season and it’s good being able to refer back to my notes etc. Serie A I haven’t put the same research into this year although I have been personally betting a bunch.

I dunno just with this COVID season – it’s not been the same without fans etc. Other than Glasgow Rangers obviously been a bit hard to get super motivated for this season.

Let’s see what we got:

Southampton vs Brighton:

Brighton come into this one feeling the pressure with Fulham right on their heels. That has to wake them up.

Honestly not much analysis here – I glance at the data etc and I just think “this one has draw written all over it”.

0.5u on the draw at 3.25 odds.

Leicester vs Sheffield United:

Leicester come into this pretty solid. Too heavily favoured here. Honestly a Sheff Utd upset of a draw wouldn’t be the biggest shock but no bet.

Arsenal vs Tottenham:

The big derby match. Will probably be dull as dishwater. Hope that’s nost the case. Either way value on the draw I’d say. 1u on the Draw at 3.50 odds.

Man Utd vs West Ham:

Man U come in off that Milan tough break. West Ham are on form at the moment. West Ham battling hard for that top 4 spot.

This is a tough one. Look if Man Utd are Champions material then they win this sort of game. All the injuries; tired from midweek; tough game etc. This is the type of game Champions show their true form.

Not sure if United has what it takes or not. I’d like to see it but just so many dropped points lately I don’t have confidence. No bet but will be cheering on United. Not that I’m a Man U fan but I want a close EPL!

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