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English League One Bets: March 23, 2021

Graeme Written on Monday, March 22nd, 2021

Sorry guys it was a busy few days for me last week and I just wasn’t able to get to the soccer tips for the weekend.

It was a good 3-1 outing in the Champions League this week. Our only loss was Munich -1.5 which didn’t come in when Parolo netted for Lazio in the 82nd minute.

For Tuesday, March 23rd there is a bunch of English lower league games taking place and I thought I would do some primarily stats based picks on all the games on England League One – or at least look at them anyway.

I’ve been loosely paying attention to those leagues this year but not as much as years past.

Let’s see what we got:

English League One Bets:

Blackpool vs Peterborough:

Blackpool come into this one on a rocking win streak. 9 matches without defeat, 11 matches at home without defeat. However they are in a weird spot right now where they have racked up 4 draws in a row at home.

Peterborough are one of the better away sides. When these two last played Blackpool got the 2-1 win. Peterborough are 2nd with Blackpool in the Top 10 and chasing a playoff spot.

Blackpool will be missing Ballard which is tough for them. It’s hard to see Blackpool losing at home despite the quality of their opponents.

I was going to back the draw here but the more I look at it I think Peterborough might sneak a win for some reason. No bet though as I can’t back against Blackpool at home.

A good old fashioned relegation battle. Bristol Rovers are stumbling a bit right now. Swindon beat Bristol at home earlier in the season. Bristol Rovers will get Joe Day back which should make them happy. I liked the changes Swindon implemented in their last game and I think that will give them confidence – was a good little squad shake up. 1u on Swindon to win at 3.60 odds.

Burton Albion vs Shrewsbury:

A nice undefeated run for Burton came to an end with a 2-1 loss to MK Dons. Both teams are above the relegation zone but not safe yet. Burton you have to wonder if they will struggle or bounce back after losing that run. Last game between these two was a draw. A lot of Burtons success has been Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink obviously.

I would like to see Burton get the win but this is an even game and I will go with 0.5u on the draw at 3.30 odds.

Northampton vs Oxford:

Oxford are the better side but just don’t have the confidence in them here. No bet.

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If anyone dont mind betting on world cup qualifiers then on wednesday …

Estonia vs Czech Republic (in Poland)

Czechs -2 AH @2.10

Estonia is almost exactly 2 years without a win with only 4 draws received from the last 17 games. Czechs havent been too brilliant either with 6 wins next to 5 defeats in previous 11 games but after conceding in 8 games in a row they seem to have fixed leaky defens with clean sheets in the last 2 games (which they won)
Czechs have also won all 3 h2h games so far by 2+ goals so i should imagine that they will continue this pattern. Also since EST & CZE still have “the worst european coronavirus stats in the last 14 days” then winner of this match probably will get unofficial Coronavirus Cup or something …

As for other games on wednesday then apart from Finland & France, Portugal & Serbia who are playing at home pretty much all away teams will have value in them (except Norway and Russia though) …


Cheers might follow. Haven’t decided whether to bet the qualifiers or not I always go back and forth on it. Might have a look though.


Obviously now this “czech -2 AH” odds have dropped to 1.30 or so haha so guess this is what we deserve considering 1 coronapositive was enough for major changes in our squad and i doubt anywhere else 1 coronapositive in random team sport is enough to send whole squad to isolation lol …

Speaking for other games then it seems to be all other games at this point are corona-free since no major upgrades in other matches odds (or should there somewhere be any coronapositives then these didnt force that major changes as it seems) …