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England vs Croatia Betting Tips

Graeme Written on Monday, July 9th, 2018

England take on Croatia in the semi final of the 2018 World Cup. This game takes place on July 11th, the day after France take on Belgium.

England got here in…..interesting fashion. I’m Scottish so obviously there is a bias against England, but I find it hard to be impressed by their performances. In saying that, Gareth Southgate is the sort of manager you just want things to go well for. Thinking back to him stepping up to take that penalty all those years ago to where he is now and what he has accomplished with this team – man, I just wish he wasn’t English as I’d be out there wearing a vest in tribute to him.

They barely beat Tunisia, thumped Panama and then did the smartest thing ever by losing to Belgium. They avoided a murderers row there. In the knockout stages they beat Colombia on penalties and they themselves needed a penalty to score as their struggles with goals not from set pieces continued. They then had a better performance against Sweden beating them 2-0. I thought Sweden were very poor in that game but either way they deserved to go through.

Croatia won their group with wins over Nigeria, Argentina, and an Iceland team that needed the win. They followed that up with a very tight game against Denmark and then another tight one against Russia – both games relying on penalities.

Now these two face off with the winner going to the World Cup Final.

England vs Croatia Betting Odds:

England To Win: 2.37
Croatia To Win: 3.50
Draw: 3.10

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(Odds on this page are correct as of 2018/07/09 4:34:12 PM EST but are subject to change)

England Analysis:

England have never really been “great” the entire World Cup. They’re yet to have that breakout performance where you think yep this team deserve to win it. They deserved to go through against both Sweden and Colombia but that was more due to the weak performances of their opponents.

However while they are relying on set pieces that’s not a bad thing – it can be part of a strategy. They know how to score from corners and they have a natural goalscorer like Harry Kane lurking.

Their inability to look too dangerous from open play though and a solid lack of creativity is concerning.

Croatia Analysis:

What a game that was against Russia. Honestly it concerns me as I think that took a lot out of the team. They looked a bit beaten up by the end of it and it would be a big adrenaline rush. It might be hard to pick themselves up after that.

Statistically they deserved to win that one I felt but it was an insane game and I’m curious if they come into this one a bit flat.

The big difference in the teams is their ability to work the ball from open play. Honestly in the penalty area I think they’re incredible. They look like the best team in the tournament when they get the ball there and they are always so patient and willing to pass it and do the right thing.

Croatia vs England Betting Tips:

Based on the tournament so far, I’ve just got to go with Croatia and I’ll be backing Croatia to qualify for 1u. Only 1u as I am still wary of England. Things just seem to be going their way, and they are exceptional at set pieces. They have players who can burst out of anywhere, and Croatia could be flat. They could be fatigued too and if England force pressure around the 30 yard line and work on the counter….it could make for a very interesting game.

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Also if you want a tremendous tactical analysis of this game be sure to check the great tactical preview written by Michael Cox. Been following Michael forever and absolutely love his insights.

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