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Egypt vs Saudi Arabia Betting Tips

Graeme Written on Friday, June 22nd, 2018

Monday, June 25th will see the final games of Group A take place. In the battle for who will end up top of the group Russia take on Uruguay, and in the battle for pride, Saudi Arabia take on Egypt.

Saudi Arabia are currently bottom of the group on goal difference after that 5-0 thrashing by Russia to open the World Cup. They lost 1-0 to a lone goal be Suarez in their match against Uruguay, and are on -6.

Egypt are on -3 after they opened up with a heartbreaking loss against Uruguay. They looked like they had did just enough to get a point out of it too. Even though they were able to hold Russia till after half time, Russia were a dominant team in that one.

Always interesting when this happens and there is two teams with nothing but pride to play for. You never know when a team is just not going to show up.

Egypt vs Saudi Arabia Betting Odds:

Egypt To Win: 1.90
Saudi Arabia To Win: 4.50
Draw: 3.60

Just a small bet of 1u on Egypt to win. Read my analysis below or bet it at Bovada - get a $250 free welcome bonus

(Odds on this page are correct as of 2018/06/22 11:07:11 AM EST but are subject to change)

Egypt Analysis:

We’ve seen Egypt in two games so far. One of them they had most of the possession and the other one they didn’t. Yet neither game they have really did much or showed anything too much of note especially around the box.

There’s been a lot of theories I have read about Salah. Many felt they just decided to rest him in the first game thinking they’d grind out a result and it backfired as he looked sluggish in the next game. That or he just isn’t fully recovered and they rushed him in.

They’ve shown nothing to really suggest we’ll see them do anything but a defence first approach in this one like they have did the previous two games.

Saudi Arabia Analysis:

Saudi Arabia are an interesting one. I’d said coming in to the World Cup that Pizzi liked to play a more possession based game and whether or not that’d work out on the big stage the jury was out on.

After their loss to Russia I thought they needed to change their game plan however it was less the Saudis weaknesses and more the Russians strength, as we saw in the Saudi Arabia game against Uruguay. It was the same style of tactics yet it was executed much better when there was no pressure on them.

Have to expect the same in this one.

Egypt vs Saudi Arabia Betting Tips:

This is a real head scratcher. From what we have learned from the two games already both teams have played, the blueprint is there for how to beat Saudi Arabia. Simply put them under a lot of pressure as we saw Russia do. Yet will Egypt do that or will they play their same defensive style, even against a weaker opponent?

Looking back at the trends for these type of games, it seemed the better team usually gave a good thrashing to the weaker team. But from what I’ve seen from Egypt and what they do in the final third…..meh. I’ll stick with the trend but only a 1 unit bet on Egypt to win. Bet it at Bovada - get a $250 free welcome bonus.

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Eduardo Caldeira

group A’s and group B’s game tomorrow are very very tricky, but yes I agree with this bet still… Spain is the most likely safest bet and still they are not paying good for it…