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Couple Days Off

Graeme Written on Thursday, November 28th, 2019

Hi guys,

You may have noticed I took a couple days off. Just wanted to give a heads up that may continue for the next couple of days.

Long story short I injured myself in an incident and have really bad arm/chest pain. Not sure what the issue is exactly – waiting for the XRays to come back. But it’s Canadian healthcare so welp – been waiting for the xray clinic to send the xrays to the docs for over 2 days now. Just a simple little process and taking so long. Amazing.

Anyway I’m just kind of chilling. Today is the first day I’ve been able to get to the computer in a couple days just to kind of catch up on some stuff.

No clue if I will be doing tips or taking a couple of days off. Hell the way the pain was last night I might need surgery so just have to wait and see.

Hopefully won’t be too long till I am back but just wanted to give a heads up – work wise I am basically doing the bare minimal right now ha.