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Colombia vs Senegal Betting Tips

Graeme Written on Sunday, June 24th, 2018

First let me say that I seriously hope Senegal get eliminated. The reason? I type their freaking name wrong every single time. It might sound silly but I’ve had to fix “Sengal” and turn it into “Senegal” at least 30 times throughout this tournament. It’s driving me absolutely mad.

Anyway yeah so Group H. A hell of a battle in that group and on the last day of group games, June 28th 2018, we see Senegal and Colombia take the field as well as Japan vs Poland.

Poland are already eliminated but the other three can still go through. This ones a bit of a bloody confusing one as fair play can come into play.

Colombia can go through with a victory. They can also draw and go through if Japan loses due to the goal difference rule. But that’s not something they want to rely on so their electric attack will be looking for the victory.

Senegal can draw and go through and of course can win and go through. Hell Senegal could lose and still go through if Japan lose and rack up the fair play points but pretty sure that won’t be in the list of potential strategies for them.

Colombia vs Senegal Betting Odds:

Colombia To Win: 1.90
Senegal To Win: 4.00
Draw: 3.50

Taking a big risk with Over 2.5 goals at 2.00 odds for 5 units. Read why below or bet it at Bovada - get a $250 free welcome bonus

(Odds on this page are correct as of 2018/06/24 7:57:45 PM EST but are subject to change)

Colombia Analysis:

Colombia are a team I’m still undecided on. I thought they were unlucky against Japan having gone down to 10 men. The Poland game was an interesting one as Poland just didn’t seem to know how to handle the counter attack.

They’ve got an impressive offense and you can surely see them looking to pressure fast and early then rely on that counter attack here.

This is going to be a hell of game.

Senegal Analysis:

Honestly a beautiful performance from Senegal against Japan, and their offense is something I am really impressed with. I’m a bit concerned with them defensively but it’s interesting seeing the positioning of their players like Niang and his movement out to the flank.

They have a dynamic offense and I expect to see more of it in play here.

Senegal vs Colombia Betting Tips:

While these sort of games can often be tight and defensive, I think the odds on Over 2.5 goals is excellent considering the offenses. Yeah I am taking quite a risk here considering when one team goes up they’ll defend, but the counter attacking of both is strong enough that I’m willing to risk 5 units on over 2.5 goals. Bet that at Bovada - get a $250 free welcome bonus.

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Totally agree with that. Both these teams have potential to score, I think Columbia have the better players, and I think they’ll be savvy enough to see this one out. Senegal have players up top that can make things happen, and I am on the same bet.

Over 2.5 @ 2.10 (3u)