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Champions League Bets: September 15, 2021

Graeme Written on Tuesday, September 14th, 2021

Hi guys,

Slightly profitable day in the UEFA Champions League yesterday with 0.55u profit. Most of that was thanks to the Vilarreal vs Atalanta draw which was 3.60 odds. Considering the humiliation over that Juventus pick I’ll take a profit!

Didn’t have anything in that Man Utd game but man did I laugh when Young Boys scored that late winner. Alas – my laugh was cut short when I found out Norm MacDonald had passed literally 10 seconds after the goal.

Gutting to hear that. He was my favourite comedian bar nne. Saw him so many times live.

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Would really appreciate you guys taking a couple mins to test it out etc. If you run into any issues you can shoot me an e-mail

Right let’s look at the Champions League games for Wednesday:

Besiktas vs Borussia Dortmund:

Dortmund hefty favourites. They have been a fun side in the Bundesliga this season just conceding goals like crazy but still winning. Been fun to watch.

Besiktas missing Teixerira. Odds on over 2.5 are brutally low would have to be higher but with Champions League you never know when things are going to be tighter. I’m going to take a small bet that I feel is slight vale 0.5u on Under 2.5 Goals at 2.50 odds.

Sheriff Tiraspol vs Shakhtar Donetsk:

If Sheriff do anything here then props to them – great to see them in here. Could be a good game with the way both teams play but I gotta go with 1u on Shakhtar at 1.95 odds. Just the overall better side and their away form has been solid this year.

Atletico Madrid vs FC Porto:

Like Atletico to win. No bet at the odds but hey for fun let’s throw them in a double with…

Club Brugge vs PSG:

…PSG. 1.92 odds, 1u.

Inter Milan vs Real Madrid:

Tight game. I slightly lean Real Madrid here actually rather than Inter Milan, who are favourites. The draw at 3.72 is super tempting. Call me crazy but 1u on Real Madrid Draw No Bet at 1.90 odds.

Liverpool vs AC Milan:

No bet here. Liverpool too heavy favourites. I love Milan but that makes me feel biased a bit for them.

Feels like a good price on City to cover the handicap. 1u City -1.5 at 1.83 odds.

Sporting vs Ajax:

No bet. Couple of potential injuries for Sporting in Tomas and Inacio is offputting.

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Frank WaltersD

A treble on Shakhtar, Atletico, and PSG sounds good to me

Frank WaltersD

turned into a bad one!

Frank WaltersD

Testing auto approve and edit! Works fine

Last edited 10 days ago by Frank Walters