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Champions League Bets: Oct 27, 2020

Graeme Written on Monday, October 26th, 2020

Well last weeks Champions League betting tips were a dud but I figure now we’ve had some more games under our belt I can look at it again and hopefully do a bit better.

It was a disappointing weekend in the EPL Betting Tips wise too. Thought we had a win in the Wolves game late on alas Murphy scored for Newcastle to even it up.

And bloody Arsenal. I said in the tips I hate backing them. They let us down in spots just like that and they did it again. So frustrating but the odds for that one I just felt were too juicy to ignore.

Anyhoo let’s look at the Champions League.

I’ll run down every game even if I don’t have bets for it:

Champions League Bets: Oct 26, 2020

Lokomotive Moscow vs Bayern Munich:

Yeah Munich are going to destroy them no doubt ha. They looked immense against Atletico. You look at their domestic results and the handicap is even appealing. Lokomotiv will be wracked with confidence issues after that loss to Rotor on the weekend. 1u on Munich -2.5 at 1.95 odds.

Shakhtar vs Inter Milan:

Shakhtar stunned Real Madrid with a 3-2 win while Inter drew with Monchengladbach. That’s not meant that the bookies are giving the Ukranian team much respect as they are still 4.00 to win. They are unbeaten domestically. Lukaku is of course amazing and could be the difference maker. However I will do 0.5u on Shakhtar or Draw at 1.83 as I do think they have a chacne.

Atalanta vs Ajax:

Atalanta did the business against Midtylland however are struggling domestically. They are 1.75 favourites here. I have a wee feeling the Ajax offense will come here feeling confident. Hopefully this is a great game goals wise. No bet for me though on it although I lean Atalanta.

Atletico Madrid vs FC Salzburg:

Got to think Atletico bounce back after that Munich loss. Key game for them. It’s only 1.60 odds but they have been excellent domestically. Missing Costa and Vrsaljko of course. Have to say I would be right surprised if they aren’t able to take this one though. 2u on Atletico at 1.60.

Borussia Monchengladbach vs Real Madrid:

No bet. Only one I was interested in was BTTS but at 1.50 no thanks.

Porto vs Olympiakos:

I’ve got to think Porto bounce back but I am concerned as to whether they can break down Olympiakos or not. Going to skip this one.

Liverpool vs Midtylland:

No bet but I expect a thumping by Liverpool.

Marseille vs Man City:

No bet. City are a weird team at the moment but I struggle to bet against them.

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Tom Dvorak

3u on Lazio or Draw
Hi Graeme,
I don’t bet much on football right now (I hate betting at this covid-19 time), but I like Lazio a lot.

Anyway, I’d like to ask you what you think of Donald Trump’s re-election bet. I try very hard to keep track of current events and politics in the US. Of course, as a European, I can’t know how things work there, but I like the bet on Trump at 2.70.
I have some friends in the US who vote for Biden because they just don’t want Trump. Biden doesn’t seem good to them, but it’s still a better choice for them than Trump. Anyway, they think Trump will stay.