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Champions League Bets: Nov 4, 2020

Graeme Written on Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020

Today I will look at the Champions League games taking place on Wednesday, November 4th.

If you saw yesterday shortly after posting my tips, a COVID outbreak wrecked the Ajax squad.

Based on that I no longer advise the Ajax bet.

Honestly with the way COVID is I am normally putting on my bets just a few hours before the games or even just as they start. I think it’s the safer thing. Not just soccer – been doing it for the likes of NFL etc too.

Just best to be safe even if we miss out on some value at times.

Let’s look at the Champions League games now:

Champions League Bets: November 4, 2020

Istanbul vs Man Utd:

Have to think Man Utd continue their awesome performances in Europe. In saying that man this is totally one of those spots ripe for an Ole failure isn’t it? I will stay away but man it would not surprise me at all.

Zenit vs Lazio:

Zenit have struggled to open the Champions league with losses to Brugge and Dortmund. Lazio beat Dortmund and drew with Brugge. Lazio are performing better domestically now although still have issues.

Alas COVID-19 is running rampant with Lazio possibly makes this a no bet. They went into quarantine on Saturday but fielded a strong team Sunday so who the hell knows. At 2.50 I think Lazio have value but the COVID stuff concerns me.

Barcelona vs Dynamo Kiev:

No bet. Barcelona are expected to thump them. I have a sneaky suspicion it will be closer and Kiev get on the scoresheet but not enough confidence to back it.

Chelsea vs Rennes:

Chelsea should likely win. Wouldn’t shock me if Rennes make it competitive but not enough to bet it.

Brugge vs Dortmund:

Brugge are hefty underdogs here despite some solid performances so far in Europe. They’re showing they are fighters and Dortmund haven’t been blowing anyone away just yet. Haaland and Hummels will likely start but are struggling a wee bit. I’ll do 0.5u on Brugge or Draw.

Ferencvaros vs Juventus:

Juventus will be happy to have Ronaldo in the squad here for sure and he looked good on the weekend. I think Ferencvaros might be competitive here though. I’m going to take Ferencvaros +1.5 for 2.08 odds and 1u meaning Juve have to win by at least two for us to lose the bet.

Leipzig vs PSG:

No bet. Too many players missing primarily due to injury. I do think PSG will win and the odds are nice but so many injuries.

Sevilla vs Krasnodar:

No bet. Sevilla are a real struggling team right now but should still have enough to take Krasnodar.

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