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Champions League Bets: Nov 24, 2020

Graeme Written on Monday, November 23rd, 2020

Hi everyone,

I’m back for Champions League bets. I took a little bit of a break over the last few days due to a personal situation.

This week might be a bit messy in terms of tip regularity too. On top of that – Football Manager comes out tomorrow and might be a bit busy playing that! Messed around with the beta a bit but been waiting for the full game.

Going to go Wigan. In administration. Transfer embargo. Not even a loan move am I able to make etc. Sounds brilliant.

Champions League Bets: Nov 24, 2020

Krasnodar vs Sevilla:

Krasnodar barely lost the last one 3-2 after a big start where they went up 2-0. That was amazing. Could they pull it off here? At least get a point? It’s tempting. I can’t advise it but I think i will have a wee flutter on it myself just to make things interesting. The problem is as much as I want to advise it the data just says no.

Rennes vs Chelsea:

It’s been a tough showing for rennes Rennes so far. Chelsea are looking solid. I’ll throw them in a double….

Dortmund vs Brugge:

….with Dortmund. 1u at 2.00 odds. I have a lot of faith in Dortmund. Not as much for Chelsea. However Rennes have started to really struggle.

Dynamo Kiev vs Barcelona:

No bet. I expect Barca will win but I wouldn’t even make the above one into a treble with them as I dunno there is something about them that puts me off.

Juventus vs Ferencvaros:

1.071 odds for Juve to win ha. The handicap isn’t even worth it. Hope Ferencvaros can make a game of it as domestically they have been sound.

And actually looking at the other games and the odds I’ve got nothing. So yeah just that double.