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Champions League Bets: March 10, 2021

Graeme Written on Tuesday, March 9th, 2021

A 2-0 result in the Champions League.

That’s what I had written. At the 92nd minute mark. Alas Dortmund conceded a goal to draw right at the death. Tight finish that was.

Juve vs Porto BTTS came in at least.

We’ve got two more games taking place in the Champions League on March 10th, 2021 as Liverpool take on RB Leipzig and PSG take on Barcelona.

My first instincts are that I won’t have a bet for either of them but hey let’s have a look anyway.

Liverpool vs RB Leipzig

Despite their domestic situation, Liverpool continue to do the business in the Champions League and got a solid 2-0 result over RB Leipzig to bring home.

They will both square off at the same neutral venue in Budapest for this one.

Leipzig were quite unlucky in that one two big mistakes that resulted in the goals. Leipzig meanwhile have put in some damn good performances domestically.

Would be amazing to see them pull it off.

This is one of those games where I go back and forth all day on it. If Liverpool are at their best I think they can win. They benched a lot of players against Fulham because they are focused on this – quite rightly too.

2.50 is actually a pretty decent price for Liverpool. Just can’t bring myself to back it though. No bet here.

PSG vs Barcelona

I was surprised PSG were able to pull it off against Barcelona and in such a dominant fashion. A 4-1 whooping. I’m someone who always enjoys grumpy Messi so even though I had bet Barca, I still enjoyed seeing that sour faced bastard walking about.

As for this one? PSG won’t have Neymar back unfortunately. However Barcelona seem like the type of team that could self combust. I think the odds are fine here for a small play.

If it seems like I am doing a lot of small plays of 0.5u-2u lately then that is correct. Just with COVID and no fans and all that I just don’t feel like risking too much.

1u on PSG at 2.30 odds

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Frank Walters

Going with Liverpool here as Leipzig will have to push more for goals and Liverpool will catch them on the counterattack.


I would probably try something like Leipzig and Barcelona over 1.5 goals cause why not …