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Champions League Bets: Feb 24, 2021

Graeme Written on Wednesday, February 24th, 2021

Well yesterdays Champions League action was a bust unfortunately.

Despite being in a neutral location we took Atletico over Chelsea. Chelsea deservedly won that one. Atletico didn’t even register a shit on goal. Absolutely brutal.

We also had a small speculative bet on Lazio or Draw which didn’t come in. I probably should have just skipped that one. Sometimes after analyzing and doing a write-up though I almost feel obligated to do a betting tip.

We’ve got two more games on the go today in the Champions League as Atalanta host Real Madrid and Monchengladbach host Man City.

I will skip tomorrows Europa League just a heads up. Just one competition I never feel comfortable betting but my god the games last week were belters and let’s hope for more of that this week.

Atalanta vs Real Madrid Betting Tips:

Atalanta are favourites in this one. It was a mostly succesful group stage for them. They didn’t sweep any team with a loss against Liverpool and a draw against Ajax and Midtylland.

Real Madrid had a pretty darn good campaign except for Shakhter impressively beating them twice.

Domestically Atalanta come in on 2 wins in a row although have been stuttering a bit this season. Real Madrid have been generally solid with just one loss since December 1st.

Should be a good game. Both teams are stacked of course but Real Madrid have a big injury list right now and that is a big factor.

This is Atalanta’s game to lose. With this injury list they should be able to take out Real Madrid here.

2u on Atalanta to win at 2.30 odds

Monchengladbach vs Man City Betting Tips:

City are big favourites here and they emerged from the group stage unbeaten. Monchengladbach lost their last two games but had a decent enough group stage.

Still it’s hard to see by Man City here. They come in on tremendous form while Monchengladbach haven’t won in their last 4.

No bet here but with no home advantage either City -1.5 is probably fine if looking for a bet.

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