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Champions League Bets: December 9, 2020

Graeme Written on Tuesday, December 8th, 2020

First of all my apologies for how erratic the tips have been the past couple of weeks in terms of posting or not – it’s just a combination of things.

Some things in my personal life and then just a massive work project that I have been focused on have kept me quiet busy and priority wise – soccer tips just aren’t at the top right now.

The good thing is that work project in particular – I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Getting close to being done and then I can get back to a more routine schedule.

Just bear with me a little bit longer.

Let’s look at the Champions League games on December 9th, 2020:

Champions League Bets: December 9, 2020

1u on Ajax to win at 2.20 odds. honestly when I look at the two teams and who has been more impressive in the Champions League it’s Ajax. They just look hungrier. They have been lethal domestically as well for the most part and I have more faith that Ajax will be able to get the win here. I wasn’t impressed with Atalanta against Midtjylland and think Ajax will take it and progress.

0.5u on Liverpool to win at 1.90 odds. Yeah so Liverpool are expected to rotate their team big time but I mean they still have a fair amount of quality in there. You have guys who are going to want to try and prove they belong in the first team etc and they also want to keep their form going. Worth a small play.

1u on Draw or Shakhtar at 3.50 odds. Just seems a crazy price. Shakhtar have the chance to actually progress to the next round here. Would be heart breaking if they don’t. Inter have not been convincing at all with just the one win. If Inter blow them away so be it but it’s a decent price.

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Jean-Philippe Guérin

Hi G!

Good to have you back. Hope that this profesionnal project is something around sports betting and that we can continue to follow you across sports !

Keep it up!


Thanks Jean-Philippe. And thanks Shakhtar for a winning day 🙂