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Champions League Bets: April 14, 2021

Graeme Written on Tuesday, April 13th, 2021

For Wednesday, April 14th I might as well cover the two remaining Champions League games of the week.

While I haven’t touched it this season really I might cover the Europa League on Thursday as well. Only 4 games so a lot easier to crunch data and as I am watching it all it is easier to write about.

For Wednesday, April 14th we’ve got Dortmund vs Man City and Liverpool vs Real Madrid.

Dortmund host Man City at home after a 2-1 loss away last week.

Liverpool host Real Madrid at home after a 3-1 loss away last week.

Always makes it exciting alas would be much nicer with a billion fans in the stadium cheering both home sides on.

Let’s get to it:

Dortmund vs Man City Betting Tips:

Since the loss Man City got FM’d in their loss to Leeds at home, while Dortmund had a tough battle but defeated Stuttgart 3-2.

Being at home isn’t a big difference for Dortmund who have a slightly better difference than being on the road. Same applies for Man City.

Away in the Champions League City have the one blemish which is the draw to Porto. They won the remaining games though and in solid fashion.

I just feel like Man City are too good for Dortmund. The odds are mental though with City at 1.61 odds.

Thing is I mean that last game was a bit tight. The bookies feel like it is a foregone conclusion for City winning here. Won’t be surprised at all if City win, but I feel there is enough value for 1u on Dortmund or Draw at 2.20 odds.

Liverpool vs Real Madrid Betting Tips:

Liverpool are 1.98 favourites for this one. They followed up their loss with a 2-1 win over Villa. Real Madrid followed up their win with a 2-1 victory over Barcelona to keep them strongly in the run for the La Liga.

Liverpool haven’t been great at home this season. They are clearly a team who misses the fans. Madrid are solid away with a 9-5-1 record.

End result here is Real Madrid have shown a lot this season and deserve a bit more respect. Yeah I could see Liverpool taking it but they have also been very inconsistent this season. Their all might not be good enough. Real come in on top form and I am good with 1u on Real Madrid or Draw at 1.80 odds.

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Australian A-League
Adelaide vs Macarthur

Adelaide play very well at home and made their home ground a fortress. Last home game they drew but they played in 10 from the first half.
They lost the away match to Macarthur, but the coach admitted the he used the wrong tactics.
For tonight he said the team is ready for the win and go for the top 2 position on the ladder.
Juric is back for Adelaide and with Goodwin and Halloran they should be able to score 2 goals.

Bet 1 : Adelaide -0.25 @2.13
Bet 2: Adelaide over 1.5 goals @2.10