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August 29th, 2018 Soccer Betting Tips

Graeme Written on Tuesday, August 28th, 2018

2-2 with the English Carabao Cup picks for a pretty much breakeven day and a winning day with Tottenham Hotspur over Man Utd.

Interesting times at Man Utd. They actually looked good in the first half I thought however fell apart in the second half. They have some real defensive issues and I saw a good point raised about De Gea. He is a tremendous shot shopper but there is much more to being a goalkeeper than that. He needs to be calling those players on their mistakes.

As it is at this early time Liverpool are looking like the best option to challenge City. Spurs just don’t look like they’re going to have what it takes to be consistent this season and I think they are going to stumble a fair bit.

Lets get on with the betting tips for Tuesday, August 28th 2018:

Everton vs Rotherham Betting Tips:

You’ve got to think that Everton come out in this game firing on all cylinders.

They blew it against Bournemouth as they had a 2-0 lead and completely messed it up. They allowed two goals in just four minutes for the game to end in a tie.

That sort of thing usually motivates a team and Everton have a lot of great firepower in their squad. No matter who they start you have to assume they are going to do a very attacking approach in this one and realize the victory is key.

I think this has to be considered an important game for Everton. The Rotherham defense looks shocking too and I’ve got to think Everton thump them by a good few goals.

1u bet on Everton -1.5 at 1.73 odds. You can bet this one at Bovada - get a $250 free welcome bonus

(Odds on this page are correct as of 2018/08/28 9:10:59 PM EST but are subject to change)

Reading vs Watford Betting Tips:

I’m always happy betting an in form team in the cup competitions which is why I am going to back Watford.

Reading have looked shaky at home with two poor performances there in the league losing to Derby and Bolton.

Watford have incredible won all three of their league games so far. That’s impressive and thats why I think this one will be an important one for them. Although I also expect a few changes.

I was going to back Watford to win but with the way they have been scoring instead I am going to back them to score the goals. Just in case Reading are more competitive than expected. Plus if Watford score a goal I expect Reading to push a lot more and that would open things up.

I am betting Watford to score at least two goals. Odds of this are 1.83 odds and I am playing 0.5u on it – just a small play. You can bet this one at Bovada - get a $250 free welcome bonus

(Odds on this page are correct as of 2018/08/28 9:10:59 PM EST but are subject to change)