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2018 World Cup Final: France vs Croatia Betting Tips

Graeme Written on Thursday, July 12th, 2018

The 2018 FIFA World Cup Final will take place on July 15th, 2018 between France and Croatia.

It’s not a big surprise to see France here. They were 4th favourites to win the World Cup prior to it beginning. Croatia were down the table at approximately 10th favourites depending on the sportsbook at odds of 33/1.

France won Group C which also featued Denmark, Peru and Australia to get to the knockout stages of the World Cup. They then proceeded to beat 2 South American teams in Argentina (4-3) and Uruguay (2-0) before a solid 1-0 victory over Belgium to make it to the final.

Croatia won all three of their group games against Argentina, Nigeria and Iceland. However the knockout stages were much tougher for them. They beat Denmark on penalties, Russia on penalties and then came from behind to beat England in extra time.

France vs Croatia Betting Odds:

France To Win: 1.90
Croatia To Win: 5.00
Draw: 3.30

I’m staying away from the game itself and going to advise betting Luka Modric to get the golden bell at 3.00 odds for 5 units. Read my analysis of both this and the World Cup Final below or bet it at Bovada - get a $250 free welcome bonus

(Odds on this page are correct as of 2018/07/12 8:46:09 PM EST but are subject to change)

France vs Croatia Analysis:

Must admit I don’t think this will be a good game.

Croatia are tempting at the odds however I do think they will have a lot of problems and can’t advise them. The fact is that offensively they are pretty damn good. I love the way they work the ball around in the box and they have to me looked like the most dangerous offensive team in the final third of the field.

But France look damn solid. They learnt their lesson against Portugal and we’ve seen how they are defensively. Other than that game against Argentina they have did a terrific job. I went into Belgium vs France praising Martinez and the fact is he did what he could in that one. He tried everything tactically but it wasn’t enough to break that very tight France team down.

Worse is when they were up 1-0 they knew how to handle it. They essentially had a 9-0-1 for the last portion of the game yet still stopped Belgium from attacking them strongly.

I’ll probably do a small bet of France to win in 90 minutes. The odds of them to lift the trophy are too low and I just think this is one big step too far for Croatia. France SHOULD be able to take this one.

Golden Ball Analysis:

I actually read something on reddit about this and it got me looking into it. Mbappe is a very heavy favourite at 1.90 odds for the Golden Ball but I’m doing a 5u bet on Modric.

Modric is a legend in the game. He’s a large reason that Croatia have made it this far. He’s the 2nd favourite to win the Golden Ball but I think deserves it much more than Mbappe.

Modric is a big team player. Mbappe has really did not much but score 3 goals. 2 of them were against Argentina in a game where Argentinas tactics were ridiculously bad and Mbappe was perfect to expose them. He really hasn’t earned the golden ball.

Mbappe should get the best young player award so that is good enough for him. You look at the individual player stats and Modric runs away with it. And winning or losing the final really isn’t a factor it seems.

So that’s my bet – that Modric wins Golden Ball for 5 units. You can bet this at Bovada - get a $250 free welcome bonus.

Now let’s hope for a good final although I don’t have my hopes up.

Following the World Cup I’ll probably take 1-2 days off then start with the daily soccer betting tips.

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So happy to see Croatia in the final, the first portion of my EW bet on them is in and it would be amazing to cash a 13/1 so I don’t see the point in betting again. I thought they were the best team in that side of the draw and placed it before denmark game. I agree that Croatia are likely to get exposed at the back by a very talented squad.

A few bets I’m thinking of is Over 2 (2.05), France TT Over 1.5 (2.38), France score in 1H (2.15)

I have to think france score against this defence they have way too much fire power. If they go one up they will sit back like they did and there counter should be deadly but France frustrated me in the semi with their counters, they wanted to keep possession rather than just go for goal when that was the better decision. Deschamps won’t be concerned with putting a show on and 1-0 will do just fine but their potential to break out is enormous.

France win to nil @ 2.62 (1u)
Over 2 @ 2.05 (2u) I take this as you can’t count out the experience they have which can create chances out of nothing. Im really making this thinking france will be prob getting at least 2 maybe 3,a 1-1 is also quite possible the way both these teams play and wouldn’t be disastrous. I think france go up early and hold on. We have seen Croatia need time to get into a game and France can expose Croatias boldness on the ball which will set up so many counter attacks.

I would love to see Croatia win this, I love a great underdog story but I think that the minutes played will finally catch up with them. Mbappe has the skills to unlock this defence (ATG @ 3.00 for him). Croatia have been suspect at corners so I expect France to generate some good chances from a lot of different areas. Kante is probably the main reason I’m going with a win to nil, I kinda feel like 3-0 will be score. We shall see.

I got a free bet with the first one so I’ll be looking for something during the game too. GLTA

Eduardo Caldeira

Honestly I think the opposite way… Modric to have a chance Croatia will need to win this game or he will have to score at least (or assist) I can agree with your analysis but the midia just pushed Mbappe up so yes that unfortunately will inlfuence the final result. Just how Messi had some influence when he won his… Modric has been better yes , unfortunately he seemed bad against England probably due to his physical condition.
Also another chance will be he plays a heck of a game, doesnt score, goes to penalties and so and they lose … of course Mbappe can not be in any crucial part of this game…

For this game I do want Croatia to win badly but I just cant see it… idk France if they score first it will be very very very hard, they will do the same as Belgium and any other modern team, just time waste etc to hold on…

But I do see value on the draw… like croatia has taken this so many times to ET.. that I do belive its good for them