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xPTS Betting System: Week 6

Graeme Written on Monday, October 28th, 2019

After an excellent 5-0 Week 4 with the xPts Betting System, it was a 2-2 week this week for a profit.

The only bet that had a lot of confidence was the Bologna bet and that came in easy enough. We also had Osasuna to defeat Valencia at 2.80 odds and that one came in.

The xPts system lost with Southampton vs Leicester. That was a close one lol. What a game that was. It also had Dijon to beat Brest but 10 man Brest beat them 2-0.

There are midweek games in Spain and Italy so I thought I’d bring the system out for that.

First let’s look at the stats for the previous weeks:

Week 1 Results: 3-4 (+0.42u)
Week 2 Results: 2-6 (-2.30u)
Week 3 Results: 4-6 (+2.8u)
Week 4 Results: 5-0 (+4.3u)
Week 5 Results: 2-2 (+0.75u)

Total: 16-18 (+5.97u)

Quite happy with it so far. Results are expected. I figure we’d be below 50% and if anything it miiiight be overperforming at the moment. We’ll see how it goes. Best thing with these systems though is to let it run a season, then spend the off season adjusting.

I wanted to take Man Utd over Norwich last time out. The system highly recommended that and it would have been a 1u play. However we got burned with Newcastle so I decided to withhold that one.

Let’s look at what is going on in midweek, which we’ll call “Week 6”. This might be a time where we start seeing teams with less value:

xPTS Betting System Week 6:

Villarreal to Win: They’re 7th place in the league and the xPts system ranks them higher. Elbar are 16th and the system feels they should be lower. Even when we do the home/road split it’s the exact same despite Villarreal having three losses away. 1u on Villarreal to win.

Sevilla to Win: Valencia continue to be overvalued by the bookies. This is one though where I think if I was implementing a 3 unit system with 0.25 I’d do that. As it is 0.5u on Sevilla to win. 2.55 odds.

Osasuna vs Mallorca Draw: So close to taking Osasuna win here. 0.5u on the draw. 3.00 odds.

Bologna to Win: They continue to be the most undervalued team. Despite their 1-2-2 record the xPts system has them ranked at the top on the road. 1u on Bologna to win. 2.62 odds.

These games go onto Thursday. So I will probably wait until Friday and then do two posts on Friday – one with the new xPts system tips AND the SPL.

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