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xPTS Betting System: Week 5

Graeme Written on Wednesday, October 23rd, 2019

It’s Week 5 of the xPTS Betting System.

One of the theories behind this system is that it will get better as time goes on. Well can’t get any better than last week when we went 5-0.

That was fantastic. Let’s look quickly at the results from last week and how each game worked out:

Everton To beat West Ham: Everton won 2-0 here although it was a 92nd minute goal that wrapped it up. In saying that, Everton had shown a lot of improvement in the xPTS system over the last couple of weeks and I expected them to dominate and get the win here.

Southampton or Draw: A 1-1 draw here and Soton were unlucky not to beat Wolves honestly. I said that it wouldn’t surprise me if Southampton won as Wolves weren’t big home performers and that was how the game worked out.

Villarreal to win: A 1u play at 2.50 odds and they duly won 1-0 over Espanyol.

Getafe to win: I felt this one was marginal. It was a tight match with 5 and 7 shots by each team however Angel Rodriguez converted his twice for the win.

Monaco To Beat Rennes: The only lucky pick as Monaco needed a goal in the 93rd minute. In saying that they dominated possession and got the shots off.

Here’s the stats since I started the system:

Week 1 Results: 3-4 (+0.42u)
Week 2 Results: 2-6 (-2.30u)
Week 3 Results: 4-6 (+2.8u)
Week 4 Results: 5-0 (+4.3u)

Let’s get into Week 5:

xPTS Betting System Week 5:

Despite the success last week – please don’t go crazy and start betting huge amounts etc. If you want to follow this system then great but have a set bankroll for it and adjust accordingly. That’s what I do.

On paper Man Utd should absolutely thrash Norwich. Learned my lesson from that Man Utd-Newcastle game though.

Southampton to beat Leicester: Sadly the Soton or Draw odds are not good enough here otherwise I’d play it safe and bet that one. Southampton have actually been very poor at home so far but Leicester have been poor away. Risky one so just 0.5u at 3.10 odds.

Dijon to Win: Dijon or Draw is 1.66 odds which is a little bit too low for me so I will take the risk here. Don’t feel confident about this one but Brest in the metrics are awful. 0.5u at 3.50 odds.

Osasuna to Win: Very marginal play. Only dictated by the odds. 0.5u, 2.80 odds.

Bologna to Win: I said last week I wouldn’t be surprised if they got something out of that Juve game and they almost did. A solid performance. Bologna should take this one. 1u at 1.85 odds. Almost tempted by 2u except Sampdoria are a bit better than their legue position suggests.

That’s it for this week. All for Bologna I consider very risky.

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