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xPTS Betting System Week 10

Graeme Written on Friday, November 29th, 2019

Getting to the tips pretty late here so thought I would just do the xPts system. As not sure how many of you follow it but I wanted to get it public for tracking purposes.

Before we get to this weeks xPTS Betting System I want to apologize for something I feel stupid about – yesterdays “long story short” post about busting my arm.

I didn’t mean to be vague about the incident. I bloody hate it when people do “vaguebooking” where they check in at Facebook at the hospital without saying why, or post a picture of their broken leg but again wait for people to ask. Or even those status posts “OMG This is the worst day ever” with no reasoning why.

I was just simply beaten down yesterday ha and couldn’t be bothered writing anything. I just wanted to do a quick “check in” and wrote that up super fast after a couple of hours off work and headed straight to the couch to rest.

Anyway I was in Boston for the weekend for the Bruins and Pats game. The Friday night me and my friend had hit a few pubs and had dinner. Boston had an issue with black ice at the time which I was unaware of. Stumbling back from the pubs to our hotel I wasn’t thinking about it, and went absolutely flying on the black ice. Landed right on my left side.

I didn’t think it was that bad as I got up the next day and ran a 5k (although I couldn’t really move my left arm). But it got really bad over the weekend and I didn’t want to ruin the trip for my friend, so self-medicated with beer to relax the muscles basically and a sling from Walgreens then went to doctors soon as back.

Got the xrays back and it’s a whole bunch of soft tissue damage basically, torn musecles and ligaments and all that good stuff. Nothing broken though. I still don’t have much mobility on the left side so hopefully that changes or I may have to do some physical therapy. We’ll see.

Anyhoo there it is – sorry again about being vague. That was seriously bugging me when I thought about it later in the day.

Let’s see how the xPTs betting system did last week:

xPTS Betting System Week 9 Results:

It was a freaking disaster of a week unfortunately. I had a feeling going in with how many picks there was.

Sevilla to win – 1u at 1.95 odds
Inter Milan to win – 0.5u at 1.80 odds

Everton -1.5 – 0.5u at 2.00 odds
Watford/Burnley Draw – 0.5u at 3.40 odds
Bournemouth/Wolves Draw – 0.5u at 3.30 odds
Villarreal to win – 1u at 1.75 odds
Getafe to win – 0.5u at 2.87 odds
Werder Bremen to win – 0.5u at 2.45 odds
0.5u on Dortmund -2.5 at 2.05 odds
Bologna to win – 1u at 1.85 odds
Montpellier to win – 0.5u at 3.00 odds

Current Results:

Week 1 Results: 3-4 (+0.42u)
Week 2 Results: 2-6 (-2.30u)
Week 3 Results: 4-6 (+2.8u)
Week 4 Results: 5-0 (+4.3u)
Week 5 Results: 2-2 (+0.75u)
Week 6 Results: 1-3 (-1.5u)
Week 7 Results: 4-4 (+1.34u)
Week 8 Results: 3-3 (+0.88u)
Week 9 Results: 2–9 (-4.19u)

Total: 26-37 (+2.5u)

So a real gutting one. Disappointing but quite a few freak results out there. I’m gutted that I didn’t take Betis at 2.60 odds like I mentioned was a close one as that would have been a nice wee win.

I probably should have tried to whittle the picks down. I think that’s something to look into is having a “limit” to the amount of picks each week.

Let’s get on with Week 10:

xPTS Week 10 Betting System Tips:

Probably going to be completely reactive after last weeks tips and be much more conservative ha. No write-ups for these.

0.5u on Villareal to win at 2.90 odds.

0.5u on Osasuna or Draw at 1.66 odds.

0.5u on Dortmound at 1.80.

1 on Parma or Draw at 1.66 odds

And that’s it from me. Now to pop some more painkillers and head to bed! Tips might be on or off next few days time depending as I have so much crap to catch up on.

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