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Soccer Betting Strategies & Systems


In this section of the site I’ll be talking about soccer betting strategies and systems.

I’m a bit of a math and stats geek and I love attempting to apply statistics to sports betting and especially soccer as there is so much to bet on.

I should note these aren’t necessarily winning systems I create. Not at all. Often it’s just for the fun of it and seeing if I can get an advantage. Like studying all the data to try and determine if there’s a mathematical system to predict which half will have more yellow cards or whatever.

This is a combination of betting strategies and systems you can use to entertain yourself with betting. It’s especially good for just random games where you want to bet just for the fun of it.

Here’s the list:

Both Teams To Score System: In this article I explain the basics of trying to calculate accuracy on betting both teams to score(or not to score) and use a 10 point betting system.

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