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Soccer Futures / Predictions


Welcome to the Soccer Futures / Predictions section of the website.

Betting on futures is one of the toughest but most fun things you can do in soccer. You’re essentially making a prediction on how a season will go and trying to predict the future.

It can be tough to do however the payouts are generally pretty good. I mean okay you’re probably not going to be able to predict a team like Leicester winning the English Premier League at 5000/1, but bets like Man Utd to win the EPL at 8.00 odds, or Aston Villa to be promoted at 5.00 odds are reasonable bets with a decent return.

In this section that’s what I do – peer into my crysl ball and attempt to predict the future of a competition or a contest within a competition and then provide soccer predictions based on that.

I mean more than anything it’s just something fun to do during the off-season. It’s also something that gives me interest week in, week out for an entire season so you can’t beat that.

Here’s a listing of current competitions and futures betting tips I’ve made:

Current Soccer Predictions:

World Cup 2018 Winners: In this article I peer into my crystal ball and predict that Brazil will win the World Cup. However I do more than that – I break it down in regard to qualification adn potential qualification, hammer it down to just a few key teams etc. Well worth the read.

World Cup 2018 Top Team Goalscorers: In this article I go through every single team participating in the World Cup and predict who the top team goalscorer will be for each nation. One of my favourite bets.

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