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Soccer Betting For Dummies


Welcome to the soccer betting guide section of the site, or soccer betting for dummies.

In this section I am to cover everything related to soccer betting. From telling you what bets there are to what you can bet on to bankroll management and much more.

I’ve got a wealth of experience when it comes to betting on soccer. I’ve did it practically as a living since the late 90s.

I’ve also been betting online since the early 2000s so I have lots of advisement to give you in regard to betting on soccer online. I’ve seen it all – sportsbooks like Mansion showing up overnight giving $1,000 to all new punters in a practically risk free bet, online sportsbooks shutting up shop overnight and leaving with everyones money, and watching people bet on a team at 1.01 odds when they were up 4-0, only to see them concede 4 in the final minutes and watch those same people go absolutely ape shit on social media.

(That game was Angola vs Mali in the African Nations btw. Angola were up 4-0 with 11 minutes left to play. Mali scored in the 79th, 88th, 93rd and 94th minute. One of the most amazing comebacks ever).

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This section is slowly growing as I try and add one article per week to it. A lot of my articles take awhile to write and research etc so I don’t like to rush it.

Bet Glossary: If you go to bet online you’ll see options such as trebles, accumulators, trixies and yankees. In this section I explain what all of those mean.

Soccer Website Resources: There are a lot of great websites out there. Some for stats, some for tactical analysis others just for news. I’ve compiled the best of the best here.

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