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World Cup 2018 Fixtures/Schedules – GMT Greenwich Mean Time

Graeme Written on Friday, June 1st, 2018

If you’re looking for a World Cup schedule in GMT or Greenwich Mean Time, you’ve came to the right place.

Below is a full schedule of the World Cup in GMT and I offer the ability to print it off or download it too.

At the top of the table are buttons to allow you to do that so if you’re searching for a printable or downloadable World Cup schedule in GMT time you’ve came to the right place.

The table also allows you to search for a particular team if you just want to see the England fixtures in GMT for example.

I also do group by group listings below the table if you just want to see it broken down by group. The table is broken down by date but you can sort it by the other categories if need be.

Thursday, June 143PM GMTARussia vs Saudi Arabia
Friday, June 1512PM GMTAEgypt vs Uruguay
Friday, June 153PM GMTBMorocco vs Iran
Friday, June 156PM GMTBPortugal vs Spain
Saturday, June 1610AM GMTCFrance vs Australia
Saturday, June 161PM GMTDArgentina vs Iceland
Saturday, June 164PM GMTCPeru vs Denmark
Saturday, June 167PM GMTDCroatia vs Nigeria
Sunday, June 1712PM GMTECosta Rica vs Serbia
Sunday, June 173PM GMTFGermany vs Mexico
Sunday, June 176PM GMTEBrazil vs Switzerland
Monday, June 1812PM GMTFSweden vs South Korea
Monday, June 183PM GMTGBelgium vs Panama
Monday, June 186PM GMTGEngland vs Tunisia
Tuesday, June 1912PM GMTHColombia vs Japan
Tuesday, June 193PM GMTHPoland vs Senegal
Tuesday, June 196PM GMTARussia vs Egypt
Wednesday, June 2012PM GMTBPortugal vs Morocco
Wednesday, June 203PM GMTAUruguay vs Saudi Arabia
Wednesday, June 206PM GMTBIran vs Spain
Thursday, June 2112PM GMTCDenmark vs Australia
Thursday, June 213PM GMTCFrance vs Peru
Thursday, June 216PM GMTDArgentina vs Croatia
Friday, June 2212PM GMTEBrazil vs Costa Rica
Friday, June 223PM GMTDNigeria vs Iceland
Friday, June 226PM GMTESwitzerland vs Serbia
Saturday, June 2312PM GMTGBelgium vs Tunisia
Saturday, June 232PM GMTFMexico vs South Korea
Saturday, June 236PM GMTFGermany vs Sweden
Sunday, June 2412PM GMTGEngland vs Panama
Sunday, June 243PM GMTHJapan vs Senegal
Sunday, June 246PM GMTHPoland vs Colombia
Monday, June 252PM GMTAUruguay vs Russia
Monday, June 252PM GMTAEgypt vs Saudi Arabia
Monday, June 256PM GMTBSpain vs Morocco
Monday, June 256PM GMTBPortugal vs Iran
Tuesday, June 262PM GMTCFrance vs Denmark
Tuesday, June 262PM GMTCAustralia vs Peru
Tuesday, June 266PM GMTDArgentina vs Nigeria
Tuesday, June 266PM GMTDCroatia vs Iceland
Wednesday, June 272PM GMTFGermany vs South Korea
Wednesday, June 272PM GMTFSweden vs Mexico
Wednesday, June 276PM GMTEBrazil vs Serbia
Wednesday, June 276PM GMTESwitzerland vs Costa Rica
Thursday, June 282PM GMTHPoland vs Japan
Thursday, June 282PM GMTHColombia vs Senegal
Thursday, June 286PM GMTGEngland vs Belgium
Thursday, June 286PM GMTGPanama vs Tunisia
Saturday, June 302PM GMT16AFrance vs Argentina
Saturday, June 306PM GMT16BPortugal vs Uruguay
Sunday, July 012PM GMT16CSpain vs Russia
Sunday, July 016PM GMT16DCroatia vs Denmark
Monday, July 022PM GMT16EBrazil vs Mexico
Monday, July 026PM GMT16FBelgium vs Japan
Tuesday, July 032PM GMT16GSweden vs Switzerland
Tuesday, July 036PM GMT16HEngland vs Colombia
Friday, July 062PM GMTQF1France vs Uruguay
Friday, July 066PM GMTQF2Brazil vs Belgium
Saturday, July 072PM GMTQF3England vs Sweden
Saturday, July 076PM GMTQF4Russia vs Croatia
Tuesday, July 106PM GMTSF1France vs Belgium
Wednesday, July 116PM GMTSF2England vs Croatia
Saturday, July 142PM GMT3rdThird Place Playoff
Sunday, July 153PM GMTFinalWorld Cup Final

Here’s the group by group breakdown:

World Cup 2018 Schedule by Group:

Group A Fixtures (GMT)

Thursday, June 14 at 3PM GMT: Russia vs Saudi Arabia
Friday, June 15 at 12PM GMT: Egypt vs Uruguay
Tuesday, June 19 at 6PM GMT: Russia vs Egypt
Wednesday, June 20 at 3PM GMT: Uruguay vs Saudi Arabia
Monday, June 25 at 2PM GMT: Uruguay vs Russia, Saudi Arabia vs Egypt

Group B Fixtures (GMT)

Friday, June 15 at 3PM GMT: Morocco vs Iran
Friday, June 15 at 6PM GMT: Portugal vs Spain
Wednesday, June 20 at 12PM GMT: Portugal vs Morocco
Wednesday, June 20 at 6PM GMT: Iran vs Spain
Monday, June 25 at 6PM GMT: Spain vs Morocco, Portugal vs Iran

Group C Fixtures (GMT)

Saturday, June 16 at 10AM GMT: France vs Australia
Saturday, June 16 at 4PM GMT: Peru vs Denmark
Thursday, June 21 at 12PM GMT: Denmark vs Australia
Thursday, June 21 at 3PM GMT: France vs Peru
Tuesday, June 26 at 2PM GMT: France vs Denmark, Australia vs Peru

Group D Fixtures (GMT)

Saturday, June 16 at 1PM GMT: Argentina vs Iceland
Saturday, June 16 at 7PM GMT: Croatia vs Nigeria
Thursday, June 21 at 6PM GMT: Argentina vs Croatia
Friday, June 22 at 3PM GMT: Nigeria vs Iceland
Tuesday, June 26 at 6PM GMT: Argentina vs Nigeria, Croatia vs Iceland

Group E Fixtures (GMT)

Sunday, June 17 at 12PM GMT: Costa Rica vs Serbia
Sunday, June 17 at 6PM GMT: Brazil vs Switzerland
Friday, June 22 at 12PM GMT: Brazil vs Costa Rica
Friday, June 22 at 6PM GMT: Switzerland vs Serbia
Wednesday, June 27 at 6PM GMT: Brazil vs Serbia, Switzerland vs Costa Rica

Group F Fixtures (GMT)

Sunday, June 17 at 3PM GMT: Germany vs Mexico
Monday, June 18 at 12PM GMT: Sweden vs South Korea
Saturday, June 23 at 2PM GMT: Mexico vs South Korea
Saturday, June 23 at 6PM GMT: Germany vs Sweden
Wednesday, June 27 at 2PM GMT: Germany vs South Korea, Sweden vs Mexico

Group G Fixtures (GMT)

Monday, June 18 at 3PM GMT: Belgium vs Panama
Monday, June 18 at 6PM GMT: England vs Tunisia
Saturday, June 23 at 12PM GMT: Belgium vs Tunisia
Sunday, June 24 at 12PM GMT: England vs Panama
Thursday, June 28 at 6PM GMT: England vs Belgium, Panama vs Tunisia

Group H Fixtures (GMT)

Tuesday, June 19 at 12PM GMT: Colombia vs Japan
Tuesday, June 19 at 3PM GMT: Poland vs Senegal
Sunday, June 24 at 3PM GMT: Japan vs Senegal
Sunday, June 24 at 6PM GMT: Poland vs Colombia
Thursday, June 28 at 2PM GMT: Poland vs Japan, Colombia vs Senegal

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