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World Cup 2018 Fixtures/Schedules – CST Central Standard Time

Graeme Written on Friday, June 1st, 2018

This is a list of all of the 2018 World Cup Fixtures in CST time, known as Central Standard Time.

This is the North American Central Time Zone and I’ve set this up so if you are looking for a printable version of the World Cup 2018 fixtures in CST time, you can print off our list. You can also check it anytime on your mobile device – just bookmark it.

I’ve also provided a list of the World Cup 2018 Group Fixtures in CST after the table – if you just want group by group fixtures in central standard time.

Finally I’ve offered the ability for this to be a downloadable fixture list in central standard time. So feel free to download it.

World Cup 2018 Schedule (CST)

Thursday, June 1410AM CSTARussia vs Saudi Arabia
Friday, June 157AM CSTAEgypt vs Uruguay
Friday, June 1510AM CSTBMorocco vs Iran
Friday, June 151PM CSTBPortugal vs Spain
Saturday, June 165AM CSTCFrance vs Australia
Saturday, June 168AM CSTDArgentina vs Iceland
Saturday, June 1611AM CSTCPeru vs Denmark
Saturday, June 162PM CSTDCroatia vs Nigeria
Sunday, June 177AM CSTECosta Rica vs Serbia
Sunday, June 1710AM CSTFGermany vs Mexico
Sunday, June 171PM CSTEBrazil vs Switzerland
Monday, June 187AM CSTFSweden vs South Korea
Monday, June 1810AM CSTGBelgium vs Panama
Monday, June 181PM CSTGEngland vs Tunisia
Tuesday, June 197AM CSTHColombia vs Japan
Tuesday, June 1910AM CSTHPoland vs Senegal
Tuesday, June 191PM CSTARussia vs Egypt
Wednesday, June 207AM CSTBPortugal vs Morocco
Wednesday, June 2010AM CSTAUruguay vs Saudi Arabia
Wednesday, June 201PM CSTBIran vs Spain
Thursday, June 217AM CSTCDenmark vs Australia
Thursday, June 2110AM CSTCFrance vs Peru
Thursday, June 211PM CSTDArgentina vs Croatia
Friday, June 227AM CSTEBrazil vs Costa Rica
Friday, June 2210AM CSTDNigeria vs Iceland
Friday, June 221PM CSTESwitzerland vs Serbia
Saturday, June 237AM CSTGBelgium vs Tunisia
Saturday, June 239AM CSTFMexico vs South Korea
Saturday, June 231PM CSTFGermany vs Sweden
Sunday, June 247AM CSTGEngland vs Panama
Sunday, June 2410AM CSTHJapan vs Senegal
Sunday, June 241PM CSTHPoland vs Colombia
Monday, June 259AM CSTAUruguay vs Russia
Monday, June 259AM CSTAEgypt vs Saudi Arabia
Monday, June 251PM CSTBSpain vs Morocco
Monday, June 251PM CSTBPortugal vs Iran
Tuesday, June 269AM CSTCFrance vs Denmark
Tuesday, June 269AM CSTCAustralia vs Peru
Tuesday, June 261PM CSTDArgentina vs Nigeria
Tuesday, June 261PM CSTDCroatia vs Iceland
Wednesday, June 279AM CSTFGermany vs South Korea
Wednesday, June 279AM CSTFSweden vs Mexico
Wednesday, June 271PM CSTEBrazil vs Serbia
Wednesday, June 271PM CSTESwitzerland vs Costa Rica
Thursday, June 289AM CSTHPoland vs Japan
Thursday, June 289AM CSTHColombia vs Senegal
Thursday, June 281PM CSTGEngland vs Belgium
Thursday, June 281PM CSTGPanama vs Tunisia
Saturday, June 309AM CST16AFrance vs Argentina
Saturday, June 301PM CST16BPortugal vs Uruguay
Sunday, July 019AM CST16CSpain vs Russia
Sunday, July 011PM CST16DCroatia vs Denmark
Monday, July 029AM CST16EBrazil vs Mexico
Monday, July 021PM CST16FBelgium vs Japan
Tuesday, July 039AM CST16GSweden vs Switzerland
Tuesday, July 031PM CST16HEngland vs Colombia
Friday, July 069AM CSTQF1France vs Uruguay
Friday, July 061PM CSTQF2Brazil vs Belgium
Saturday, July 079AM CSTQF3England vs Sweden
Saturday, July 071PM CSTQF4Russia vs Croatia
Tuesday, July 101PM CSTSF1France vs Belgium
Wednesday, July 111PM CSTSF2England vs Croatia
Saturday, July 149AM CST3rdThird Place Playoff
Sunday, July 1510AM CSTFinalWorld Cup Final

Here’s the group fixture listing in CST:

World Cup 2018 Schedule by Group:

Group A Fixtures (CST)

Thursday, June 14 at 10AM CST: Russia vs Saudi Arabia
Friday, June 15 at 7AM CST: Egypt vs Uruguay
Tuesday, June 19 at 1PM CST: Russia vs Egypt
Wednesday, June 20 at 10AM CST: Uruguay vs Saudi Arabia
Monday, June 25 at 9AM CST: Uruguay vs Russia, Saudi Arabia vs Egypt

Group B Fixtures (CST)

Friday, June 15 at 10AM CST: Morocco vs Iran
Friday, June 15 at 1PM CST: Portugal vs Spain
Wednesday, June 20 at 7AM CST: Portugal vs Morocco
Wednesday, June 20 at 1PM CST: Iran vs Spain
Monday, June 25 at 1PM CST: Spain vs Morocco, Portugal vs Iran

Group C Fixtures (CST)

Saturday, June 16 at 5AM CST: France vs Australia
Saturday, June 16 at 11AM CST: Peru vs Denmark
Thursday, June 21 at 7AM CST: Denmark vs Australia
Thursday, June 21 at 10AM CST: France vs Peru
Tuesday, June 26 at 9AM CST: France vs Denmark, Australia vs Peru

Group D Fixtures (CST)

Saturday, June 16 at 8AM CST: Argentina vs Iceland
Saturday, June 16 at 2PM CST: Croatia vs Nigeria
Thursday, June 21 at 1PM CST: Argentina vs Croatia
Friday, June 22 at 10AM CST: Nigeria vs Iceland
Tuesday, June 26 at 1PM CST: Argentina vs Nigeria, Croatia vs Iceland

Group E Fixtures (CST)

Sunday, June 17 at 7AM CST: Costa Rica vs Serbia
Sunday, June 17 at 1PM CST: Brazil vs Switzerland
Friday, June 22 at 7AM CST: Brazil vs Costa RIca
Friday, June 22 at 1PM CST: Switzerland vs Serbia
Wednesday, June 27 at 1PM CST: Brazil vs Serbia, Switzerland vs Costa Rica

Group F Fixtures (CST)

Sunday, June 17 at 10AM CST: Germany vs Mexico
Monday, June 18 at 7AM CST: Sweden vs South Korea
Saturday, June 23 at 9AM CST: Mexico vs South Korea
Saturday, June 23 at 1PM CST: Germany vs Sweden
Wednesday, June 27 at 9AM CST: Germany vs South Korea, Sweden vs Mexico

Group G Fixtures (CST)

Monday, June 18 at 10AM CST: Belgium vs Panama
Monday, June 18 at 1PM CST: England vs Tunisia
Saturday, June 23 at 7AM CST: Belgium vs Tunisia
Sunday, June 24 at 7AM CST: England vs Panama
Thursday, June 28 at 1PM CST: England vs Belgium, Panama vs Tunisia

Group H Fixtures (CST)

Tuesday, June 19 at 7AM CST: Colombia vs Japan
Tuesday, June 19 at 10AM CST: Poland vs Senegal
Sunday, June 24 at 10AM CST: Japan vs Senegal
Sunday, June 24 at 1PM CST: Poland vs Colombia
Thursday, June 28 at 9AM CST: Poland vs Japan, Colombia vs Senegal

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