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World Cup 2018 Fixtures/Schedules – ACST Australian Central Standard Time

Graeme Written on Friday, June 1st, 2018

If you live in a city who go under ACST or Australian Central Standard Time and are looking for a World Cup 2018 schedule in ACST, you’ve came to the right place.

This page offers up a printable ACST World Cup 2018 Fixture List. In the table below it’s all there for you and at the top is a button to allow you to print it.

If you’re looking for a downloadable ACST World Cup 2018 Fixture List then no problem – you can also download this schedule in multiple formats.

You can search the table too if you just want to check on a particular team.

Finally below the table I also break the fixtures down into groups for you.

Friday, June 1512:30 AM ACSTARussia vs Saudi Arabia
Friday, June 159:30 PM ACSTAEgypt vs Uruguay
Saturday, June 1612:30 AM ACSTBMorocco vs Iran
Saturday, June 163:30 AM ACSTBPortugal vs Spain
Saturday, June 167:30 PM ACSTCFrance vs Australia
Saturday, June 1610:30 PM ACSTDArgentina vs Iceland
Sunday, June 171:30 AM ACSTCPeru vs Denmark
Sunday, June 174:30 AM ACSTDCroatia vs Nigeria
Sunday, June 179:30 PM ACSTECosta Rica vs Serbia
Monday, June 1812:30 AM ACSTFGermany vs Mexico
Monday, June 183:30 AM ACSTEBrazil vs Switzerland
Monday, June 189:30 PM ACSTFSweden vs South Korea
Tuesday, June 1912:30 AM ACSTGBelgium vs Panama
Tuesday, June 193:30 AM ACSTGEngland vs Tunisia
Tuesday, June 199:30 PM ACSTHColombia vs Japan
Wednesday, June 2012:30 AM ACSTHPoland vs Senegal
Wednesday, June 203:30 AM ACSTARussia vs Egypt
Wednesday, June 209:30 PM ACSTBPortugal vs Morocco
Thursday, June 2112:30 AM ACSTAUruguay vs Saudi Arabia
Thursday, June 213:30 AM ACSTBIran vs Spain
Thursday, June 219:30 PM ACSTCDenmark vs Australia
Friday, June 2212:30 AM ACSTCFrance vs Peru
Friday, June 223:30 AM ACSTDArgentina vs Croatia
Friday, June 229:30 PM ACSTEBrazil vs Costa Rica
Saturday, June 2312:30 AM ACSTDNigeria vs Iceland
Saturday, June 233:30 AM ACSTESwitzerland vs Serbia
Saturday, June 239:30 PM ACSTGBelgium vs Tunisia
Saturday, June 2311:30 PM ACSTFMexico vs South Korea
Sunday, June 243:30 AM ACSTFGermany vs Sweden
Sunday, June 249:30 PM ACSTGEngland vs Panama
Monday, June 2512:30 AM ACSTHJapan vs Senegal
Monday, June 253:30 AM ACSTHPoland vs Colombia
Monday, June 2511:30 PM ACSTAUruguay vs Russia
Monday, June 2511:30 PM ACSTAEgypt vs Saudi Arabia
Tuesday, June 263:30 AM ACSTBSpain vs Morocco
Tuesday, June 263:30 AM ACSTBPortugal vs Iran
Tuesday, June 2611:30 PM ACSTCFrance vs Denmark
Tuesday, June 2611:30 PM ACSTCAustralia vs Peru
Wednesday, June 273:30 AM ACSTDArgentina vs Nigeria
Wednesday, June 273:30 AM ACSTDCroatia vs Iceland
Wednesday, June 2711:30 PM ACSTFGermany vs South Korea
Wednesday, June 2711:30 PM ACSTFSweden vs Mexico
Thursday, June 283:30 AM ACSTEBrazil vs Serbia
Thursday, June 283:30 AM ACSTESwitzerland vs Costa Rica
Thursday, June 2811:30 PM ACSTHPoland vs Japan
Thursday, June 2811:30 PM ACSTHColombia vs Senegal
Friday, June 293:30 AM ACSTGEngland vs Belgium
Friday, June 293:30 AM ACSTGPanama vs Tunisia
Saturday, June 3011:30 PM ACST16AFrance vs Argentina
Sunday, July 013:30 AM ACST16BPortugal vs Uruguay
Sunday, July 0111:30 PM ACST16CSpain vs Russia
Monday, July 023:30 AM ACST16DCroatia vs Denmark
Monday, July 0211:30 PM ACST16EBrazil vs Mexico
Tuesday, July 033:30 AM ACST16FBelgium vs Japan
Tuesday, July 0311:30 PM ACST16GSweden vs Switzerland
Wednesday, July 043:30 AM ACST16HEngland vs Colombia
Friday, July 0611:30 PM ACSTQF1France vs Uruguay
Saturday, July 073:30 AM ACSTQF2Brazil vs Belgium
Saturday, July 0711:30 PM ACSTQF3England vs Sweden
Sunday, July 083:30 AM ACSTQF4Russia vs Croatia
Wednesday, July 113:30 AM ACSTSF1France vs Belgium
Thursday, July 123:30 AM ACSTSF2England vs Croatia
Saturday, July 1411:30 PM ACST3rdThird Place Playoff
Monday, July 1612:30 AM ACSTFinalWorld Cup Final

And here is the group by group breakdown:

World Cup 2018 Schedule by Group:

Group A Fixtures (ACST)

Friday, June 15 at 12:30 AM ACST: Russia vs Saudi Arabia
Friday, June 15 at 9:30 PM ACST: Egypt vs Uruguay
Wednesday, June 20 at 3:30 AM ACST: Russia vs Egypt
Thursday, June 21 at 12:30 AM ACST: Uruguay vs Saudi Arabia
Monday, June 25 at 11:30 PM ACST: Uruguay vs Russia, Saudi Arabia vs Egypt

Group B Fixtures (ACST)

Saturday, June 16 at 12:30 AM ACST: Morocco vs Iran
Saturday, June 16 at 3:30 AM ACST: Portugal vs Spain
Wednesday, June 20 at 9:30 PM ACST: Portugal vs Morocco
Thursday, June 21 at 3:30 AM ACST: Iran vs Spain
Tuesday, June 26 at 3:30 AM ACST: Spain vs Morocco, Portugal vs Iran

Group C Fixtures (ACST)

Saturday, June 16 at 7:30 PM ACST: France vs Australia
Sunday, June 17 at 1:30 AM ACST: Peru vs Denmark
Thursday, June 21 at 9:30 PM ACST: Denmark vs Australia
Friday, June 22 at 12:30 AM ACST: France vs Peru
Tuesday, June 26 at 11:30 PM ACST: France vs Denmark, Australia vs Peru

Group D Fixtures (ACST)

Saturday, June 16 at 10:30 PM ACST: Argentina vs Iceland
Sunday, June 17 at 4:30 AM ACST: Croatia vs Nigeria
Friday, June 22 at 3:30 AM ACST: Argentina vs Croatia
Saturday, June 23 at 12:30 AM ACST: Nigeria vs Iceland
Wednesday, June 27 at 3:30 AM ACST: Argentina vs Nigeria, Croatia vs Iceland

Group E Fixtures (ACST)

Sunday, June 17 at 9:30 PM ACST: Costa Rica vs Serbia
Monday, June 18 at 3:30 AM ACST: Brazil vs Switzerland
Friday, June 22 at 9:30 PM ACST: Brazil vs Costa Rica
Saturday, June 23 at 3:30 AM ACST: Switzerland vs Serbia
Thursday, June 28 at 3:30 AM ACST: Brazil vs Serbia, Switzerland vs Costa Rica

Group F Fixtures (ACST)

Monday, June 18 at 12:30 AM ACST: Germany vs Mexico
Monday, June 18 at 9:30 PM ACST: Sweden vs South Korea
Saturday, June 23 at 11:30 PM ACST: Mexico vs South Korea
Sunday, June 24 at 3:30 AM ACST: Germany vs Sweden
Wednesday, June 27 at 11:30 PM ACST: Germany vs South Korea, Sweden vs Mexico

Group G Fixtures (ACST)

Tuesday, June 19 at 12:30 AM ACST: Belgium vs Panama
Tuesday, June 19 at 3:30 AM ACST: England vs Tunisia
Saturday, June 23 at 9:30 PM ACST: Belgium vs Tunisia
Sunday, June 24 at 9:30 PM ACST: England vs Panama
Friday, June 29 at 3:30 AM ACST: England vs Belgium, Panama vs Tunisia

Group H Fixtures (ACST)

Tuesday, June 19 at 9:30 PM ACST: Colombia vs Japan
Wednesday, June 20 at 12:30 AM ACST: Poland vs Senegal
Monday, June 25 at 12:30 AM ACST: Japan vs Senegal
Monday, June 25 at 3:30 AM ACST: Poland vs Colombia
Thursday, June 28 at 11:30 PM ACST: Poland vs Japan, Colombia vs Senegal

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