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Women’s World Cup 2019 Fixtures/Schedules – MST Mountain Standard Time

Graeme Written on Tuesday, June 4th, 2019

This is a listing of the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019 Schedule in MST Format.

This is Muntain Standard time for all my friends in Edmonton, Calgary etc who are looking for the 2019 Women’s World Cup schedule in their own time zone.

It’s available in various formats.

If you’re just looking to view the schedule on the web then you’re good to go. It is below and ready to read.

However if you’re looking for a downloadable or printable schedule of the Women’s World Cup 2019 in MST format I offer that option too.

You just need to scroll down to the list of fixtures and right above it is options to export it or print it or download it.

This currently covers the group stages. The Round of 16 is from June 22nd – June 25th, Quarter Finals are June 27th – June 29th, Semi Finals July 2nd and 3rd, 3rd place qualifier on July 6th, and the final on July 7th. I will update the Mountain time zone schedule with those games when the teams are known.

Friday, June 7th1PM MSTAFrance vs Korea Republic
Saturday, June 8th7AM MSTBGermany vs China PR
Saturday, June 8th10AM MSTBSpain vs South Africa
Saturday, June 8th1PM MSTANorway vs Nigeria
Sunday, June 9th5AM MSTCAustralia vs Italy
Sunday, June 9th7:30AM MSTCBrazil vs Jamaica
Sunday, June 9th10AM MSTDEngland vs Scotland
Monday, June 10th10AM MSTDArgentina vs Japan
Monday, June 10th1PM MSTECanada vs Cameroon
Tuesday, June 11th7AM MSTENew Zealand vs Netherlands
Tuesday, June 11th10AM MSTFChile vs Sweden
Tuesday, June 11th1PM MSTFUSA vs Thailand
Wednesday, June 12th7AM MSTANigeria vs Korea Republic
Wednesday, June 12th10AM MSTBGermany vs Spain
Wednesday, June 12th1PM MSTAFrance vs Norway
Thursday, June 13th10AM MSTCAustralia vs Brazil
Thursday, June 13th1PM MSTBSouth Africa vs China PR
Friday, June 14th7AM MSTDJapan vs Scotland
Friday, June 14th10AM MSTCJamaica vs Italy
Friday, June 14th1PM MSTDEngland vs Argentina
Saturday, June 15th7AM MSTENetherlands vs Cameroon
Saturday, June 15th1PM MSTECanada vs New Zealand
Sunday, June 16th7AM MSTFSweden vs Thailand
Sunday, June 16th10AM MSTFUSA vs Chilie
Monday, June 17th10AM MSTBChina PR vs Spain
Monday, June 17th10AM MSTBSouth Africa vs Germany
Monday, June 17th1PM MSTANigeria vs France
Monday, June 17th1PM MSTAKorea Republic vs Norway
Tuesday, June 18th1PM MSTCJamaica vs Australia
Tuesday, June 18th1PM MSTCItaly vs Brazil
Wednesday, June 19th1PM MSTDJapan vs England
Wednesday, June 19th1PM MSTDScotland vs Argentina
Thursday, June 20th10AM MSTECameroon vs New Zealand
Thursday, June 20th10AM MSTENetherlands vs Canada
Thursday, June 20th1PM MSTFSweden vs USA
Thursday, June 20th1PM MSTFThailand vs Chile
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