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Copa America 2019 Fixtures/Schedules – PST Pacific Standard Time

Graeme Written on Friday, June 7th, 2019

The 2019 Copa America starts Friday June 14th, with the final on Sunday, July 7th.

This is a fixture list of the Copa America 2019 schedule in Pacific Standard Time – PST format.

All the knockout stages are on here with the dates and I’ll be sure to update them with the teams when known.

This is a printable PST schedule of the Copa America as well as a downloadable version of the Copa America fixtures. Feel free to print it or download it without any credit.

Here’s the list of Copa America fixtures in PST format:

Friday, June 14th5:30PM PSTABrazil vs Bolivia
Saturday, June 15th12PM PSTAVenezuela vs Peru
Saturday, June 15th3PM PSTBArgentina vs Colombia
Sunday, June 16th12PM PSTBParaguay vs Qatar
Sunday, June 16th3PM PSTCUruguay vs Ecuador
Monday, June 17th:4PM PSTCJapan vs Chile
Tuesday, June 18th:2:30PM PSTABolivia vs Peru
Tuesday, June 18th:5:30PM PSTABrazil vs Venezuela
Wednesday, June 19th:2:30PM PSTBColombia vs Qatar
Wednesday, June 19th:5:30PM PSTBArgentina vs Paraguay
Thursday, June 20th:4PM PSTCUruguay vs Japan
Friday, June 21st:4PM PSTCEcuador vs Chile
Saturday, June 22nd:12PM PSTABolivia vs Venezuela
Saturday, June 22nd:12PM PSTAPeru vs Brazil
Sunday, June 23rd:12PM PSTBQatar vs Argentina
Sunday, June 23rd:12PM PSTBColombia vs Paraguay
Monday, June 24th:4PM PSTCChile vs Uruguay
Monday, June 24th:4PM PSTCEcuador vs Japan
Thursday, June 27th:5:30PM PSTQFTBA
Friday, June 28th:12PM PSTQFTBA
Friday, June 28th:4PM PSTQFTBA
Saturday, June 29th:12PM PSTQFTBA
Tuesday, July 2nd5:30PM PSTSFTBA
Wednesday, July 3rd5:30PM PSTSFTBA
Saturday, July 6th12PM PST3RDTBA
Sunday, July 7th1PM PSTFINALTBA
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