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Copa America 2019 Fixtures/Schedules – EST Eastern Standard Time

Graeme Written on Friday, June 7th, 2019

The 2019 Copa America begins on Friday June 14th, and goes until Sunday, July 7th.

This is a complete list of the Copa America 2019 fixtures in Eastern Standard Time – EST format.

I cover each group game and list the quarter finals etc as well. Once we know who is in them I will update each one with the actual games.

This EST Copa America schedule is both printable and downloadable and of course you can access it online at any time too.

Pretty decent times for the games with most of them in the late afternoon or evening. Here’s the list of Copa America fixtures in EST format:

Friday, June 14th8:30PM ESTABrazil vs Bolivia
Saturday, June 15th3PM ESTAVenezuela vs Peru
Saturday, June 15th6PM ESTBArgentina vs Colombia
Sunday, June 16th3PM ESTBParaguay vs Qatar
Sunday, June 16th6PM ESTCUruguay vs Ecuador
Monday, June 17th:7PM ESTCJapan vs Chile
Tuesday, June 18th:5:30PM ESTABolivia vs Peru
Tuesday, June 18th:8:30PM ESTABrazil vs Venezuela
Wednesday, June 19th:5:30PM ESTBColombia vs Qatar
Wednesday, June 19th:8:30PM ESTBArgentina vs Paraguay
Thursday, June 20th:7PM ESTCUruguay vs Japan
Friday, June 21st:7PM ESTCEcuador vs Chile
Saturday, June 22nd:3PM ESTABolivia vs Venezuela
Saturday, June 22nd:3PM ESTAPeru vs Brazil
Sunday, June 23rd:3PM ESTBQatar vs Argentina
Sunday, June 23rd:3PM ESTBColombia vs Paraguay
Monday, June 24th:7PM ESTCChile vs Uruguay
Monday, June 24th:7PM ESTCEcuador vs Japan
Thursday, June 27th:8:30PM ESTQFTBA
Friday, June 28th:3PM ESTQFTBA
Friday, June 28th:7PM ESTQFTBA
Saturday, June 29th:3PM ESTQFTBA
Tuesday, July 2nd8:30PM ESTSFTBA
Wednesday, July 3rd8:30PM ESTSFTBA
Saturday, July 6th3PM EST3RDTBA
Sunday, July 7th4PM ESTFINALTBA
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