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Soccer Fixtures / Schedules in Different Timezones


In this section of the site I provide fixtures in various different timezones.

It’s crazy but I’ve found that it can be quite hard to find a good list of fixtures in a specific timezone – whether it’s EST, PST or even AEST.

I first started doing this on other websites in Euro 2012. I had a specific website for that ( – now closed) and just for the hell of it I created fixtures in different timezones. I ended up getting tons of traffic and so did the same for the World Cup 2014 and Euro 2016 to similar results.

So I thought I’d carry it over here – if there’s a specific timezone I don’t have covered here feel free to shoot me an e-mail at

If there is a specific tournament or league you want fixtures for too – same deal. These are listed from newest to oldest.

Euro 2020 Fixtures:

Copa America 2019 Fixtures:

Women’s World Cup 2019 Fixtures:

World Cup 2018 Fixtures:

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